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The only one of it's kind. A dinosaur movie with a disco soundtrack., 13 October 2017

I saw this movie and yes, this is the kind of monster movie where the soundtrack is disco. I know, in other countries like Italy and Germany, the goofy disco soundtrack is replaced scary music of their own. While the special effects are typical Japanese kaiju stuff you see, I would have to say that these monsters could be OK if there was a bit more money put into it. It looks like Manda from ATRAGON let himself go and fights Rodan's cousin. The film is a mixture between EARTHQUAKE, JAWS, LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, THE GODFATHER and RODAN. EARTHQUAKE, because there is one. JAWS, because there are various scenes that copy it. LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, well the monsters come from a lost world. THE GODFATHER, because there was a horse with no head. RODAN, well, isn't it obvious? A pterodactyl that came out of an egg in a cave. I mean these dinosaurs look realistic, that they should be in a KING KONG-type movie. I bet this movie was a response to the Dino De Laurentiis version of KING KONG. Originally Toei wanted to make a movie, in co-production with British horror film company Amicus, to cash-in with the 1976 remake of KING KONG with a movie called KONGORILLA. With a script written by Tudor Gates, this was going to be good, but it never got made. Then, in 1979, Toei, in co-production with American film production, Punch Productions, called MORTAL. This was about a giant ape that comes out of a Mount Fuji to attack Tokyo in search of food. That never got made, unfortunately. Plesiosaur and the Rhamaphryncus, akin to the T-Rex and Triceratops in THE LAST DINOSAUR, look realistic and would good for the 1976 remake of KING KONG if Dino would put in some dinosaurs. I think this movie was made as a response to the 1976 KING KONG because this movie, THE LEGEND OF THE DINOSAURS (a.k.a. THE LEGEND OF THE DINOSAURS AND MONSTER BIRDS), along with THE LAST DINOSAUR, PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, PLANET OF DINOSAURS, and WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS are saying that everything is better with dinosaurs. This is something that dinosaurs can do. Dinosaurs have potential. Would I recommend it? Yes. If you like dinosaurs, watch it. If you like Japanese monster movies, watch it. If you like disco, watch it. So give it a watch. Not rated, but due to the gore in it, it should be rated PG or PG-13. Bottom line: Good for bad movie night.

Rushed and mediocre, 19 August 2017

The year was 1977. What happened back then? There was STAR WARS, Saturday NIGHT FEVER, RACE FOR YOUR LIFE CHARLIE BROWN was struggling and other studios were trying to coincide and capitalize such films as JAWS and Dino Delaurentiis KING KONG remake. While the movie is fine, akin to SON OF KONG, it seemed rushed. For one thing, the special effects, they range from good, like the Pterodactyl and the Scutosaurus (Google it), to bad, like the Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Blonosaurus (from AT THE EARTH'S CORE (read my review) which was reused for this movie), the cave eel-like monsters, and a cheesy joke shop spider that Luan Loud would love to use. Roger Dicken's dinosaurs in LAND THAT TIME FORGOT look more convincing than the paper-mache beasts. I think Ian Wingrove did those monster effects in this movie. As for the plot, well, it is a combination of Edgar Rice Burrough's second book and third book, OUT OF TIME'S ABYSS, of the Caprona trilogy. In the third book, there were people who had bird wings, however, the wings were replaced by horses. Now they are samurai horse-riders who let out awful versions of the Wilhelm scream. The only good things about it are the actors, writing, and music. John Scott did the music for this movie and he also did the music for KING KONG LIVES. Speaking of KING KONG, if Dino Delaurentiis put some dinosaurs in this movie, here is what he can do. First, put the Scutosaurus from this movie and Plesiosaurus from LEGEND OF THE DINOSAURS to mess around with Jack Prescott's search party. Then, have Kong fight the T-Rex from THE LAST DINOSAUR, the snake and Pterodactyl from PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT. At least these dinosaurs from these movies look realistic. This movie got out-shined by STAR WARS, so go figure. Bottom line, if you enjoy DUCKTALES (yes, a reboot is happening), then you should enjoy this movie. It is not as bad as... PIXELS or GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 (or GIRLBUSTERS as others like to call it), but we have seen worse. Rated PG for violence, scary scenes, peril and scantically clad ladies.

Cheesy and campy monster fun, but an underrated classic., 9 July 2017

As you know, I love monster movies, I love dinosaurs, and I love special effects. I got introduced to this movie when I was nine. My father gave me this movie and when I watched it, I enjoyed it! I was struck with awe and wonder and laughed at how cheesy it was. I was an avid watcher of Godzilla movies and I enjoyed dinosaur movies. I loved the special effects, the sound, and the music. Peter Cushing, of Hammer horror fame (which I was not introduced to until my twenties, so sorry), plays a quirky professor who provides the comic moments in this movie. The saggoths sound like skipping CD's, but they remind me of PLANET OF THE APES. Some the monsters look like rejects from a Godzilla movie. The mayhars were the primeval ancestor to the Skeksis from DARK CRYSTAL. Caroline Munroe's beauty steals the picture, but in my opinion, it is the beasts. This film, like LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, had some situations. For instance, when Jim Danforth, who was a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, wanted to get involved in it when he heard that it was announced, but this film, like THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (read my comment), got changed and lacked the stuff that Jim had in mind. For instance, he wanted to use his matte-painting and stop-motion animation skills to be applied in this movie. Instead, Amicus wanted to make a movie that is catered to the kaiju-watching audience. I bet Jim was not happy about this. The effects are clunky be today's standards and if this was made today, then it would be nothing but a CGI fest. If you want stop-motion, let Brett Piper (read my MYSTERIOUS PLANET comment) do it. Also, there are a lot of explosions that might have impressed a young Michael Bay. So if you enjoy DUCKTALES (a reboot is coming next month), then you will enjoy this movie. Bottom line: Great fun despite the clunky special effects. Rated PG for violence, some blood, and scenes that are too scary for children. Who couldn't spell words like Rhamphorhynchus.

Underrated, but awesome, 8 July 2017

As you know, I love dinosaurs. I love the trope of creatures from lost worlds and mankind running into their lands. I saw a clip of it on a commercial when I was watching the live-action 70's SPIDERMAN show that starred Nicholas Hammond. The dinosaurs looked believable. A few years later, when I saw it, I was stricken with awe and wonder by the special effects. The dinosaurs looked real, but what I knew that they were puppets. What I didn't know that how the puppets worked. They looked realistic, but they moved in a stiff manner. If this can only be updated then there would be fluid movements. Originally they wanted to use Jim Danforth and his stop-motion skills, but they said it was too expensive and time-consuming. Special effects aside, they story is great and has that Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure-like feel to it. It is incredible and I will never forget the caveman Bo-lu! I keep quoting him until this day. When this movie came out, The New York Times recommended this movie in case JAWS was too scary. If you enjoy DUCKTALES (I know, a reboot is coming out in 2017), then you will enjoy this movie. Bottom line: A must for the dinosaur/monster movie/special effects fan. Even though it got out-shined by JAWS. Rated PG for violence, gore, peril, and some scary scenes.

Great movie., 17 June 2017

As you know, I love monster movies. I love lost worlds and unexplored lands because it has this sense of wonder and it is escapism. In the 1970's, when the world was nostalgic for the 1920's and 30's, there were disaster movies, which was box-office fuel. They showed people in panic and have them under attack by nature's wrath (e.g. THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, EARTHQUAKE and JAWS) or something going terribly wrong (e.g. TOWERING INFERNO and the AIRPORT franchise). Fantasy films were kiddie fair, but these were no fairy tales. These were stories for older viewers, kids, teens, and adults. THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (1975), AT THE EARTH'S CORE (1976), and PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT (1977) were movies that had lost worlds inhabited by monsters. What made these good, were the special effects. While they got out-shined by the big movies like disaster movies, JAWS, the 1976 remake of KING KONG, and STAR WARS. If these big movies were intense, then take your kids to see the fantasy movies. While these movies were mediocre in the box-office, these movies were good in other countries. This caught the attention of other filmmakers such as Juan Piquer Simon and he made this wonderful movie, JULES VERNE'S THE FABULOUS JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. This films had dinosaurs, sea monsters, big turtles and mushrooms and a giant ape. Now about the big gorilla, there was one in the book, either Juan wanted to rival the 1976 KING KONG remake or he wanted to cash in on it. If you look at the movie, it answers the question, what if Universal made THE LEGEND OF KING KONG without stop-motion effects, but with monster suits and puppets? There is your answer. While the cast is good, the special effects are great, but they look hokey. If you enjoy shows like SCOOBY-DOO or DUCKTALES (heads up, a reboot is coming this summer on Disney XD), then this movie is for you. Rated G alright, but I see that IMDb re-rated it PG and I know why. To me, it must be all the scary scenes and peril. Peril?! That is nothing to be worried about because there was peril in G-rated movies. I think it is rated PG for blood from the sea monsters and kids might get scared by the dinosaurs, turtle-like creatures or the giant gorilla.

Goliathon (1977)
King Kong goes Hong Kong, 19 March 2017

As you know, I love monster movies. When I first heard and read about MIGHTY PEKING MAN I wanted to see it. After I watched it, I would say that it is a Frankenstein's Monster made up of the 1976 KING KONG remake, TARZAN (since there is a female jungle there), the original MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, EARTHQUAKE (the way the title appears on the land) and TOWERING INFERNO (the climax). The special effects are not bad, but the music consists entirely on stock music. For instance, the disco song that played at the TV station is an instrumental song by Franck McDonald & Chris Rae called "The Jam". The ending where the title fought helicopters on top of the building has Dmitri Shostakovich's "Symphony No. 5 in D Minor" playing. All in all, this is a pretty good movie. This is arguably one of the better KING KONG rip-offs. If you like kaiju films, cheesy movies and bizarre cinema, then give it a watch. You will like it. Rated PG-13 for violence, nudity, gore and some profanity.

The Poor Man's King Kong, 14 March 2017

This movie is not only the poor man's version of KING KONG, but it is also plagiarizing it! Circus owner and trapper go to a lost world with creatures that time forgot located at a plateau in Africa to find a giant ape who is worshiped by a tribe. Also they find diamonds and the ape becomes their friend. I saw this movie and let me think. GASP! This is not only plagiarizing KING KONG, it is also plagiarizing THE LOST WORLD (the plateau with dinosaurs as explained in the story from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), SON OF KONG (there is one scene where the ape's finger gets bandaged) and KING SOLOMAN'S MINES (the diamonds). Just like how JOHNNY TEST is plagiarizing DEXTER'S LABORATORY, FAIRLY ODDPARENTS and SCOOBY-DOO (read my comments on those shows). Also the effects are awful with a capital A! Let's start with the dinosaur that Gorga fights. It looks like a combination between an alien and Barney the Dinosaur. Gorga looks crappy. Either it is a paper-mâché mask, decorated kitchen gloves and jacket covered in wigs or they couldn't afford money to buy a whole gorilla suit which is why he is seen from the waist up. Also footage from GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON is seen. Speaking of stop-motion animation, in the late 1970's David L. Hewitt who not only directed this movie, but played the title simian was planning to remake or re-release this movie under the title THE GREAT GORGA (as reported in a February 1978 issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND) with a higher budget and stop-motion models. A stop-motion T-Rex and Stegosaurus were made by Larry Arpin. He also made the ape. He was going to animate these beasts but during that time other studios from across the globe wanted make their own rip-offs and Dave didn't want to get caught in that mess so he called it off. What a pity. It would be a great movie to help other people to get their minds off what Dino De Laurentiis did to KING KONG in 1976. It is available on DVD by Something Weird and it plays double-bill with the porno film, ONE MILLION AC/DC (they both came out in 1969) which features the same dinosaur from that movie. (Read my review and you will thank me for saving time you will never get back.) Bottom line: If you have a knack for finding bad movies, dinosaurs, apes and stop-motion animation then give it a watch. Rated G alright. Bring out the kids so they can learn what a bad movie is and what plagiarism is too. This has been another "Matthew Rants."

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Best Christmas Classic., 20 January 2017

I saw this classic when I was a kid and I loved it until this day. When I heard Chuck Jones did it, I was surprised because of the animation and style looked similar to his Bugs Bunny, Coyote and Roadrunner and Tom and Jerry cartoons. However, I got more surprised when I heard that Boris Karloff not only voiced The Grinch, but narrated it very well. My love grew stronger because back then, when I was a teenager, I was starting to fall into the field of classic horror films. I knew Boris Karloff played the Frankenstein Monster and Imhotep The Mummy. He had this calm British voice. As for the songs, well they are as timeless as the special itself! Albert Hague made the music to it and I was surprised that he was the music teacher in the original FAME. My favorite song is "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch" because when you hear it you can't stop and think of all those disgusting things that come to our mind when we hear the song. Forget about Ron Howard's adaptation with Jim Carrey because that one is complete and utter garbage catered for those who watch wacky cartoons on such cable channels as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Bottom line: This animated special is timeless and it must be watched for new generations of audiences.

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A Ture Timeless Classic., 20 January 2017

This is a great movie! I heard about it first and when I saw clips of it in documentaries, I understood the references/parodies in cartoons and TV shows. Cartoons like RUGRATS, JOHNNY BRAVO and FAIRLY ODDPARENTS parodied this movie as well as TV shows like Saturday NIGHT LIVE and THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC. I saw the movie in all it's entirety in the summer of 2012 (which is the right time to see it), when I was assigned to compare and contrast the paintings of Norman Rockwell and Frank Capra movies for my summer class "Painting and the Cinematic Image" at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Being a movie buff, I started to fall in love with that movie and realized how beautiful and wonderful it is. Jimmy Stewart makes a great performance in this movie. His character George Baily has hopes and dreams and helps out his friends and family. An angel gives him an answer to a what if question of his and he learns the hard way on the importance of being there! Various scenes in the movie feel like a Norman Rockwell painting because it captures the moment in a dramatic and sometimes humorous manner. Give it a watch it is fun for the entire family! Not rated, but in my humble opinion it is rated G.

Classic special about the holiday. :), 24 November 2016

I loved this special when I was a kid. I found it funny and amusing from Snoopy's antics to Linus' speech. I liked the part where Snoopy is making toast and Woodstock is putting Snoopy's ear in the toaster and puts butter on it. I found it funny and when I saw it with a new set of eyes, I cringed with my brother because I was expecting Snoopy to yell "YEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!"Fortunately that didn't happen and the beagle was unharmed. Yesterday, I was shopping with my mother and I heard some music that sounded like this cartoon and it was it! She thought it was French music, but I told her it was music from the cartoon. She knew it. Speaking of food, popcorn? Pretzels? Buttered Toast? Jelly Beans? That is like the poor man's Thanksgiving. At least something like Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie will do it. All in all, is great for the whole family, I had fond memories of it and so will you. This has been another "Matthew Praises." Happy Thanksgiving!

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