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Neria (1993)
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Strong perspecive on life in Africa, 10 August 2003

I saw this film twice while I was in South Africa and Lesotho. My friend, a single african mother, told me that it would give me an understanding of what her life is like, which I found to be very true. The film Neria deals with the difficulties faced by African women when they loose a husband. Addressing the difficulty involved with the social norms of African life, it also provides the shimmering Saturday morning work spirit of the african farm with full emotion and feeling. Neria, an African woman living in Zimbabwe looses her husband which causes more trouble than sympathy in her immediate community. Throughout the movie we see the trials she faces as a woman when she struggles to keep her farm, and the essential elements of her former life. Although not much, threre is some inter-racial interaction in the movie however, its main focus is on on rural african farm life, and the emotion behind the life of women in sub-saharan africa. The soundtrack by oliver,(tuku) Mtukudzi adds immensely to the feel of the movie especially as the title track, "Neria" is played in an african shibing, (bar), I was very impressed and deeply moved by this movie. I would like to own a copy.