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"Jericho" (2006)
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Awesome Show, 28 September 2006

This has got to be by far the best series on TV. The mixture of mystery/drama/science fiction is excellent as well as the characters. It reminds me of William Johnston's book series "The Ashes" with the doomsday theme. Skeet Ulrich's character is suspenseful because no one knows where he's been or what he's done for the last 5 years, yet he's able to save a little girl on the bus and then kill one of the convicts his first day back! The way they ended the second show with the former policeman putting red pins on cities that were nuked and not showing where he put all the pins leaves you in suspense! Keep up the great job and don't cancel this show!!!!

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You're kidding, right?, 22 August 2003

It must be nice for the LAPD to afford a multi-million dollar piece of equipment like that. And how many army officers are there with British accents? Do you mean to tell me that 2 F-16s can't bring down one helicopter? This movie makes the Army and Air Force look bad as well as the LAPD is corrupt. And to appease audiences, the gratuitous nude scenes (the naked woman doing yoga in her apartment) and the view of Kate bending over a dumpster revealing she had no underwear on under her skirt. The only good part of the movie were the special effects used.

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Excellent, 22 August 2003

An excellent movie. Get the DVD and watch the scenes that were eliminated. I thought they should not have been cut. The movie is great. There were a couple of factual errors in the movie, but that's Hollywood for you.

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Funny Show, 21 August 2003

I used to enjoy Gomer Pyle when it was in black and white. But after doing a tour as a drill instructor, I couldn't stand it! How many times did Gunny Carter have to tell Pyle to do something before he did it? The funniest episodes were the ones where Gomer's still in boot camp!

Striptease (1996)
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Demi!!, 15 August 2003

Anytime you get to see Demi strip is a blessing. The movie was pretty awful, but I would rather see Demi strip than act any day. Burt Reynolds look 100 years old in the movie, but he is still a great actor.

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Not Bad, 15 August 2003

As far as alien movies go, not bad. Great special effects and Vivica Fox as a stripper is pretty nice too. Kind of far fetched for a president who was an Air Force pilot in the Gulf War to become president in 4 years and for the Marines to have hundreds of fighters at El Toro. And then for people roaming the desert to have enough flying experience to fly F-18s that happen to be at "Area 51". I'm glad the military has hundreds of fighters all over the country for people to get in an fly away.

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So-so movie, 15 August 2003

Not a bad movie, I've seen worse. They overplay the "Marine Hymn". They play it about 10 times in the movie but it has some good action scenes. The scene where the terrorists are learning to use plastic explosives is funny, especially the look of relief on their faces when their instructor cuts the det cord before the plastic explodes.

The D.I. (1957)
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Great Movie, 15 August 2003

A very good movie with the exception every time the recruits yell out "Yes Sir" in the barracks, the audio is dubbed. For someone to yell at the top of their voice you would think they would take a deep breath or show some body movement, but it's obvious the actors are just moving their lips. Jack Webb is a very good actor and pulls off the role great. I would not have minded if they skipped the "singing" scene out at the Cotton Club.

"F Troop" (1965)
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Hilarious!!!, 15 August 2003

One of the funniest t.v. shows ever! Hilarious lines and characters and if I was Capt Parmenter, Wrangler Jane would be out of those buck skins in no time. I think the pilot show was the funniest with Agarn teaching the indians how to do a war dance. Too many funny lines to write about in that show.

Funny, 15 August 2003

A great movie. You cannot take this movie seriously. Not even an Air Force general can authorize sending his wing off to war like that. George C. Scott plays his roles as the Air Force Chief of Staff excellent with one exception. If I were him, I would have "Miss Scott's" legs wrapped around my waist one more time before I went off to the war room. It was pretty funny that he called her back and told her to "Don't forget to say your prayers" while he was in the war room. Too many funny scenes to mention so just watch the movie and enjoy!

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