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Miami Vice (2006)
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Disappointing, 3 March 2007

I eagerly awaited the release of this movie and must say I was disappointed when I eventually watched it.

Having enjoyed the 1980's series I had high expectations. The series had chemistry between all of the leads, especially Johnson and Thomas. It had humour, great music, and interesting cameos from guests such as Phil Collins and Gene Simmons. It wasn't intellectual but it was good fun.

The movie, despite sharing the same director, Michael Mann, was a letdown. It had a plot that was hard to follow. This was compounded by poor and frequently imcomprehensible diction from the actors. Perhaps a DVD with subtitles may have lessened this problem.

The movie didn't break new ground.

In keeping with the overall theme of disappointment the end credits rolled on accompanied by an insipid interpretation of Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight".

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Just as topical today as it was 20 years ago when it was made, 28 February 2006

If you're an Aussie you will be well-aware of the recent Bali-based drug cases involving Schapelle Corby and the "Bali 9". The latter are clearly guilty and will pay for their crimes, many will say justifiably.

Schapelle Corby's case is another matter altogether with opinion as to her guilt or otherwise being divided. Her case is very similar to Kidman's in that the drugs are alleged to be someone else's.

If anyone saw Corby's reaction to her conviction on TV last November it is identical to Kidman's in the BH with shortness of breath, deep breathing, shocked look. The resemblance is uncanny: life imitates art which imitates life.

Acting in the BH is superb all round. The story is well-written and harrowing, especially given those recent events. One can accept the Asian countries' reasons for their tough stance against drugs but emotions and sympathy for those jailed are stirred in the BH.

It's amazing that this miniseries was made 20 years ago as it could have happened yesterday. Indeed the only differences are that the barbaric firing squad was replaced by more humane lethal injection (just 3 years ago) and that actors such as Kidman and Weaving have moved on to even greater acclaim and Elliott has unfortunately passed on.... and the callous Ehlers has left an indelible impression, typecast for life by me at least.

Circus (2000)
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Don't waste your time at this big top, 1 June 2004

Boring, cliched and predictable. The only original bit was the Brighton location for gangsters. It is certainly no "Lock Stock etc......." Hannah was likeable in "Sliding Doors". In "Circus" I developed no empathy with his character and couldn't give a toss what happened to either him or his girlfriend. Although this movie was so cliched and predictable the ending was no surprise I was so uninterested I didn't even care why the movie was given the name "Circus"....... Booooring.......Don't visit this big top.

Rain (1932)
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Worthwhile movie to watch, 3 January 2004

The one constant in Somerset Maugham's short story of "Rain" was the incessant rain and the oppressive, claustrophobic and maddening effect it had on the participants. This effect is translated and conveyed effectively in this movie. The opening 5 minutes are dated and boring but if you get past this you will thoroughly enjoy the movie.

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The original and the best, 22 November 2003

Gripping adaptation of Forsyth's novel. Fox's detailed planning is the highlight of the this film rather than the finale. It succeeds in translation to the screen better the "The Dogs of War" which also had a very detailed buildup in the novel. The finale is more realistic than the Hollywood version and the movie is better all-round. Fox's character develops well as the story progresses and one's opinion of him changes appropriately especially towards the end. He's well cast as are the supporting actors. Good European travelogue is a bonus.

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What product placement?, 21 November 2003

I was warned about excessive product placement before I watched this movie. Frankly I don't know what the complaining was about. Other than the cars, which are an essential part of every Bond movie, I detected no product placement whatsoever. Which leads us to the story. Sure it's the usual megalomaniac who has delusions to control who is thwarted by Bond but it is done well. It's action-packed, has witty dialogue, the characters are all interesting with the "goodies" likeable and the baddies suitably villanous. The double DVD in particular is good value with the 2nd DVD consisting of the "making of" including interviews with all the cast and production staff.

Excellent buy the collectors edition dvd to appreciate, 14 November 2003

Most of the superlatives are justified. Without repeating them simply go out and hire or buy the collectors edition dvd to further appreciate the subtleties of the movie, the symbolism, the inspirations, borrowings and similarities with others.

Schizophrenic movie - but entertaining, 5 October 2003

Although this movie changes moods many times it doesn't mean it is not a good movie - it is. It is the classic werewolf story transposed into 20th century London. It is laced with black humour "being undead isn't fun", drama, tragedy, action and pathos. The music (all moon-themed) is used to good effect eg. the "Blue Moon" played right at the end completely turns around the viewer's frame of mind. The DVD contains many extras including the making of the award-winning prosthetics/effects. Go watch it - you'll be rewarded.

Singin' in the rain, 4 October 2003

Although some features of the movie such as interior decor, clothing and hairstyles date it to the early 1970's, the themes covered in this excellent satire are timeless. Themes such as choice in society between good and bad, insincerity in politicians (and others), aversion therapy. Beware: it features sex, violence and nudity and adult themes. However those who watch will be rewarded. "Singin' In The Rain" will never sound the same again!

The Others (2001)
A creepy movie - possibly Kidman's best, 4 October 2003

No blood and guts needed, just atmosphere, quality direction plot and acting is all that's needed to make a movie creepy. Better than "The Ring", almost as good as "The Shining". Kidman proves that she's more than just a pretty face with good support from the other actors with Eric Sykes, renowned as a comedian, playing well against type. This movie will scare you - go see it but not by yourself. Probably Kidman's best, along with "To Die For" (haven't seen "The Hours" yet).

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