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Some good laughs and terminal weirdness, 22 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oswald The Rabbit (looking suspiciously similar to Mickey Mouse) is the local barber in this rare early toon. The first cut is rather routine, the hair tonic skit didn't make me laugh yet...the action picks up and we see a laugh-out-loud 20 seconds when Oswald goes to work on the hippo.

Then...Oswald sees a guy lashing out in the other corner and dresses up as a woman and makes a move on the man! The movie ends on a car ride with the duo.

Two guys kissing, weather animated animals or not was pretty edgy for 1928, even though animation has never exactly been shying out on controversial project. Technically the film is good, especially the hippo scene introduces lots of funny tricks. A shame there wasn't any kind music in the version i had, an animation this fast-paced needs some wild wacky composing.

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the best TV-series since northern exposure and twin peaks, 19 January 2006

a completely different kind of a show, of course, though greg house sort of reminds me of the adam the eccentric chef from northern exposure. i have a twisted fascination for sarcastic, cynical, insulting humour. it may be wrong, but it's hilarious.

i don't watch this show to look up medical facts and fiction. i actually started watching because of hugh laurie, later i've created a fondness for the rest of the cast as well. there are no annoying characters in my opinion.

the show is well written of course, the dialogue is at times breathtakingly witty, and i like the look of the hospital as well. finally a hospital that doesn't look like it was waiting for a bulldozer.

thanks for the show!

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oops! did we just make a realistic teen movie?, 19 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i see there are great reviews of this film already, i've got a few points to comment on, reasons i thought there was something special about this film...

first and foremost, the film is realistic. it may not seem realistic to an adult who has forgotten what it was like being a teenager, but that's really the kind of superdrama that goes on amongst teens all the time. second, the good guy, the guy who treats women with respect, doesn't get the girls. that's the way it is, in real life just the same! he's too nice for his own good. people are just selfish. third, it was nice to see a fat guy who had some self-confidence. i mean, that role already takes confidence from the actor, i'm not just talking about the character. overall i thought the film was a positive surprise that secretly hides amongst wacky, partyin' teen sex comedies at the rental shelf. don't get me wrong, it's not all sad, it's a good laugh as well.

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didn't think i'd see a spaghetti western that could truly challenge leone's works...but here it is, 26 June 2005

corbucci's amazing, simply brilliant western grabbed right from the very first frames. the first thing i noticed was the snow, and what a great, different atmosphere it could bring to a western. secondly, the camera work was excellent. the images were clear and bright, and later on in the movie even technically and artistically marvelous. the problem with this sort of films has always been funding, but the crew of il grande silenzio was apparently just that damn good. the satisfaction of the viewer is guaranteed, when the already familiar theme song of master ennio morricone begins, and shines together with the sun over the arctic desert.

the characters are very well thought out, and developed through out the film, and also played by fantastic actors. klaus kinski is outstanding in his role. i was a bit disappointed with the Italian dub, it's strange to be watching an Italian film and still having to bare a dub track. the plot is outstanding for this sort of picture, there are not simply two factions the good guy and the bad guy, but actually with their own agendas...let's see...1, 2, 3, 4, 5 factions. the ending is powerful, for sure, but for me, personally, irrelevant. i would have enjoyed to movie with or without it...i could see the rare, realistic and humane sides of the characters much earlier in the movie.

after all the superlatives, it's difficult to find a word to describe the atmosphere of the film in one word. in it's decadence it resembles post-apocalyptic sci-fi books and films. you have to see this. as soon as possible. looking at the number of votes here at IMDb it certainly deserves more attention. bravo.

Infra-Man (1975)
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the original mighty morphin' power ranger fights rubber monsters in this quite lousy drive-in trash, 10 June 2005

super inframan the cult movie. of course things like this always find their own, but there was not much for me to enjoy in this one. i was watching old shawscope trash with few redeeming qualities. it would take a while to list everything that was lousy about it, all the clumsy errors, silly costumes, settings, lack of plot...and so on. i didn't find it all very humorous either. the monsters were indeed humorous, and the robots near the end were actually quite imaginative, but the dull scenes between the fights, the awful noise throughout the movie and the utter lack of any deeper meaning put me off. call me a tired dry grown-up, but i might have liked this when i was eight.

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mtv survivors clash with a giant PINATA!! yes, you read it right..., 7 May 2005

from the very first frame of this 'movie' you can see you're watching some thing extraordinary. the introduction is so over the top you don't know if to laugh or cry. it's like a parody of the discovery channel, if you will.

on with the show. the lights turn on, the camera dives to sea level and shows us the usual pack of screaming American teenagers, this time travelling to gather underwear from a desert island (!). well, the island is not completely deserted, the two judges of the whole thing are waiting for the youth. the competition gets away, and everything goes fine, everyone looks pretty and is very cool (pot! ooh!). there's just this one little problem. the island they stormed into features a giant pinata, who gets pretty pis*ed off seeing all those screaming teens. my guess is the pinata was just trying to tell them to shut the he*l up so it could go back to sleep, but since the kids just scream more when they see it, it has no choice but to crack their skulls wide open and stuff their guts in there. tragic. tragic, indeed.

the computer animated pinata is a retarded idea in it self, but the horrible animation makes it even more hilarious. the actors aren't actually too bad, if not good either. the shaky spice goes a little over the top in her acting.

this movie has it all. pretty girls, tropical island, a miserably funny mtv-predator, a little gore even, the fact it all starts when the kids smoke pot, funny acting, stupid music, survivors feel, mcguyver end's horror but for all the wrong reasons, it's comedy...intended? perhaps, perhaps, not. it's trash, but it's fun, anyway!

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hilarious black comedy, 18 March 2005

people say this movie features unsympathetic characters...perhaps, but they are actually realistic in a universal way. the characters of buffalo soldiers are selfish to the core, and that's the way most people are, it's just a difficult thing to admit. none of the characters get off their arse unless it's to further their personal needs.

elwood is one of the most interesting characters. he is confident, relaxed, not taking anything seriously. that's on the outside. his fear of falling (or landing) well describes his fear for himself. he's not actually afraid of heights, he's afraid of himself, what he might do or has already done. sgt. r. lee (nicely named btw) admits he loves war and destruction. berman is a high-ranking officer of the army but at true gullible idiot (watch out for the 'male pig' dialogue, hilarious). sgt. saad is a powerful underground boss and an angry physical guy, but a vegetarian. robyn lee is a beautiful innocent looking girl, but has a nasty scar underneath her clothing and pops ecstasy. every character is in some way very fragile though tough on the outside. i think it's a very realistic picture of us.

the plot is moving well, and elwood is ALWAYS ahead of the viewer. a nice sly character, good music, hilarious black comedy drug scenes (the tank scene early on is just outrageous) and most importantly, better than catch-22 the movie. the ending was at first a bit too grand and poetic to fit the rest of the movie, and the final scene would not have been needed at all. but, it comes highly recommended.

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shameless tearjerker, very poor, 17 March 2005

i was willing to bet money scott baio would've directed this himself, so much it seemed like an actor's 'personal project'. it's written so lousy it's unbelievable, the acting is poor, the characters even more stupendous. kristin minter, john seitz and shuler hensley all fail badly and scott baio is so self-involved it's sickening. rosemary prinz is pretty good, and about the only good thing in this pic. the aim of the movie is to shamelessly milk tears from the gullible audience. thankfully people are not as stupid as the creators of this film obviously thought...not everyone falls for it, and they shouldn't either, it's so obvious. movie making like this is just despicable. me no like.

"Miracles" (2003)
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good show that never should have been canceled, 21 January 2005

everyone i know who's seen miracles seems to have liked the series. brutally it was canceled before ever really getting a proper chance to show where it's plot was going. the pilot is a downright classic, the rest of the episodes weren't as great, but miracles showed great promise, and once again we can only shake our heads confused with shows like earth final conflict or bold and the beautiful for example going on as long. sadly miracles joins earth 2 in the graveyard of shows that refused to be dumbed down. it's all about the money, i know, but i can't believe people honestly want to see 'reality' TV and a hundred and one different courtroom dramas instead of great thought-provoking, serious series by proper writers and directors who can be called artists.

Twelve Mile Road (2003) (TV)
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good film, 21 January 2005

i didn't even know this was made for television...a good small film with good acting. maggie grace and tom selleck have great chemistry as father and daughter, the rest of the cast isn't bad either. the quiet pace fits well with the country atmosphere, and dulcie's journey to finding herself again is believable. the most impressive scene in the movie, for me, was when dulcie ran into the forest, her dad catches her, she screams and her dad asks 'are you crazy?'. that's where the chemistry really clicks, i get the feeling some other actors might have completely ruined the film. 12 mile road is not a very original film, not even particularly thought-provoking or profound, but it's a great pick to watch a film with your girlfriend that both of you can enjoy. recommended unknown film.

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