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With the news that the Spider-Man franchise will be rebooted for the second time. I am once again disappointed with the direction they're taking. I've already grown tired of seeing the same plot of Peter Parker as a teenager in high school/college again and again. I wish for once that there would be a "Spider-Man" film that showed us an adult Peter Parker fighting new villains, possibly married to Mary-Jane, and dealing with other life issues. I know this will never happen, but this is my dream film.
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List of American actors and actresses of Mexican descent.
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I know there's already a few of this kinds of lists here but I just wanted to share my own.
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My list of the biggest movie rip-offs of all time, good and bad. (This list shows the rip-off then the original idea)
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Films in which the main plot is survival. Where groups of people or a single individual are placed in tournaments/games and are pit to fight to the death or try to survive until the last man/woman is left standing.
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In my opinion the worst directors in recent history.