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Drake & Josh (2004–2007)
And I thought the Amanda Show was Bad.
14 August 2007
This show really proves that Nick has gone to hell. I mean seriously. I could not SEARCH for a show with worse comedy, characters, and writing. I would like to point out that this show teaches children ALL the wrong things. The jokes and the comedy are bad, but the characters are by far the worst this show has to offer. (Just a side note, Im not blaming the actors for this). First we have Drake. A selfish arsewhipe who plays about three chords on a guitar, always gets the girl, and treats his brother like crap. (The WORST thing about Drake is that they had the gall to stick him in a Black Sabbath shirt. As IF he ever listened to Sabbath...). Then we have the sister, Megan, who always gets away with doing horrible violent things to her brothers, and manages to convince her dumbass parents that she's innocent. Then we have Josh. Josh gets punished EVERY episode for doing the right thing it seems. The only DECENT, morally conscious character in this show gets dumped on every single damn episode. The jokes thatthis show contains are bland. I recall thinking that if the show had no laugh track, no one would know what to laugh at. Dan Schnider has really gotten lazy. Thanks a bunch Nick. Thanks for airing this unholy charade of comedy.
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Undercut (2004)
Some good independent fun!
4 November 2005
I've been a long time follower of "The Stunt People"'s films. So naturally I almost pee'd myself when Undercut came out. I was not disappointed, I tell you what. The story is basically about Eric Ninja, who is a ninja for the government. One day, he gets replaced by imported Chinese ninja Andy. So Eric Ninja goes through bad times, trying to find new jobs, and provide for his dog. The effects weren't Hollywood material, but they were still good. The music was well done, and in my opinion the acting was really good. But most importantly, the fight scenes were the best. Choreographed by Eric Jacobus himself, the fights were interesting, face paced, and damn cool!

If you like independent films, ESPECIALLY good quality martial arts independent films, check out the stunt peoples movies.
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As Luke De Ayora once said..."What the crap..."
8 July 2004
And thats exactly what I said when the ending credits rolled for this movie. Only I said it a lot louder.

This movie is a mockery and a shame to a good game called Street Fighter. EVERY character was out of place, the acting was horrible, and the fight scenes were REALLY mediocre.

Here are examples previously stated by others... Cammy is on the good side, and Zangief is on the bad side...Blanka mysteriously turned into Charlie Nash...Dhalsiam is a scientist (since WHEN is he a scientist?), Bison doesn't know how to fight, Vega lost his coolness, and there were other large things you might notice.

The acting was so lousy, that you didn't even care if Ken or Ryu got killed or lived. Jean Claude Van Dammit STILL cannot pass himself off as an American. The only good acting came from Bison.

This movie did no justice to Street fighter, nor did it follow the real plot of things.

For those of you who might think this movie is good, but haven't seen it yet, don't ruin it for yourself and see it.
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ChalkZone (2002–2008)
I decided to quit life and do drugs when I saw Chalkzone
20 April 2004
My summary lied. Don't do Drugs. Now that the public service announcement is out of the way, now I can say how bad this show is.

This show TRIES to be cool, but they stank. I bet even Satan hates Chalkzone. The animation is bad, the music is bad (Oh GOD the music is bad.)

The Voice acting is terribly cheesy, as are the jokes.

Now heres the worst part. In every episode they have a music video. The music is so bad, it's insulting to every insturment in the universe. NOW here is an example of Chalkzone music lyrics


Now Sing that ten times, and there is your song. Every little child I know despises this show, including everyone ELSE I know.

I give this show a -5 out of 10
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The Amanda Show (1999–2002)
Eh?!!! NOT one of Nickelodeon's best
20 April 2004
I really don't have much to say on this show, except for bad things. Im a veteran of Nickelodeon (SInce I was four maybe) and I have seen everything from Rugrats to SPongebob. This is definetly not one of Nickelodeons best shows. I remember Amanda Bynes from the original All That(the actually GOOD All That, not that new crap...)and she had great potential for being funny. But after I started to watch more of the show, I relised how she had gotten less, and less funny. The skits are horrible, so is the music, so is the direction, and jokes. Amanda only starts to get very annoying after a short while.

However there are a few redeeming things in The Amanda Show. The Actors are very talented, especially Drake Bell and Josh Peck. (They're 'Tony Pajama's and Paulie' Skit is hilarious. No wonder they got their own show). John Kassir, Nancy Sullivan, and even Dan Schnider (who makes his own appearances) are also talented actors, worth seeing.

But not even they can save something like the Amanda Show. Im very sorry cast of Amanda Show, but this is not worth a persons time to watch. This show does not appeal to the veterans, or the younger aged viewers of Nickelodeon. (Pardon the spelling errors if I made any)
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What the hell?! You SUCK Spike TV!!!(spoilers)
12 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I gotta say this was the worst VGA I've ever seen. My god, they gave a bunch of awards to games we don't like all that much.

Letsee, what happened in this award ceromony...

-sluts all over the place -David Spade acting like a retard -boring wrestling match -bad musicians -that stupid ass song "Milkshake" -horrible awards

Sounds appealing right? A TRUE gamer who missed this show missed absolutely nothing. I mean, they gave the friggen DOT from pong an award, and not to people who deserve it. (Like Shigeryu Miyamoto, and whoever made Capcom.)
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Very Good Game (May Contain Spoilers)
17 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very well made Zelda game. My personal favorite is the storyline. Basicly, Young Link is slowly going through the lost woods, looking for Navi apparently, untill he is knocked off his horse by two fairies. Then he wakes up to see he was robbed by some kid in a CREEPY-ASS mask. Link follows, get's turned into a Deku Scrub by the kid and his mask, and finds himself in an offer presented to him by a mask collecter he meets. The child named Skull Kid has used the mask's power to summon an evil moon to crash into the earth in three days, so it makes you want to hurry.

The Gameplay is fun, and the puzzles are a bit harder than those in OOT. Not to mention the graphics are also a bit of an improvement.

The Music is fabulous. My favorite is Skull Kid's theme, because it is the creepiest.

The story is very well put together, looking into friendship, responsibility, and not about someone taking over Hyrule.

The characters are good too. Specially Skull Kid, whom I believe to be the best Nintendo villan. Not only is he creepy, but he has a history that makes you sympathize with him.

Buy this game. it's good. If you are a true Zelda fan, you will.
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Predator 2 (1990)
Pretty Good Sequal (Spoilers)
29 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
basicly, It is Danny Glover playing a hard nosed cop in the middle of a gang war in LA. But when they start finding caracasses all chopped up, and missing important parts, things get tricky. Finnaly, when Danny Glover's friend is killed by the murderer, he starts looking for evidence. Then he finds out that it is another creature from beyond. Wierd...

Now this movie I thought was great. It tells you more about the Predator's. And also, it makes the Predator seem more like a demon, or a spiritual creature than an alien. The scene where he kills King Willie, the music, and the whole scene in general sent chills down my spine.

I give this movie a 9/10, because sometimes it lacks originality.
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Predator (1987)
Aside from Alien, One of THE MOST original flicks of the time.
29 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Predator, and it's (okay) sequal, are the most original idea's I've ever seen in my life. The movie's cast is wonderful, and so is the score, action, special effects, location, and most importantly, monster. (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) An american military force is called down to the central american jungle to free allies from guerilla terrorists. After the mission is done, they suddenly relise that they are not alone. Another hunter is present around them, and won't stop till they are dead. With an array of new technological, yet primitive weapons, it hunts them all untill Schwarzeneggars character (Dutch) is the only one left.

Dutch uses his skill and cunning to defeat the 'Predator', instead of his military weapons.

One of the most memorable parts for me is at the very end where Dutch traps the Predator, and is about to spare his life out of pity. (at least it's what I observed). He says "What the hell are you?" and the Predator says in his own wounded voice "What the hell are YOU?" And he presses a few buttons...and begins to laugh. As Dutch relises it's a trap, he begins to run. As he runs the Predator's alien laugh begins to sound more human untill he sets off his trap, which was a seemingly small nuclear explosion. (SPOILERS END) I give this movie 10/10. By far.
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Glory (1989)
21 August 2003
This is a GREAT I repeat, GREAT war movie. How could you NOT like this movie? It has drama, action, and an allstar cast of people. Now if anybody liked the movie "The Patriot" this movie his right down your lane. I strongly reccomend you watch it. It's a sad (sad meaning it makes you want to cry at the end), but excellent film.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! (I) (2000–2006)
Clever...but sometimes repetative.
9 August 2003
First off, have you heard Yami Yugi's voice? WAY to heroic. THis show is good, and it's worthy of anyones time. But sometimes it can get a bit repeatative. LIke how they keep mention "Millenium whatever" and shadow relms. Like they have a bunch of items like.."the millenium sandwhich" or something. And in every battle, the hero Yugi always pulls out a card to win that we didn't even know he had. But it can get kinda interesting. It's story is very good, and the acting is exceptional. Other than the two things I mentioned, I suggest you watch this.
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Loads of Laughs
8 August 2003
The Fairly Oddparents is a clever show, with a few chuckles, or alot. It's about a boy named Timmy Turner, who is tortured by a mean babysitter, and ignored by his parents. He is magicly granted two Fairy God parents, Cosmo, and Wanda. Cosmo, being the dumb, but comedic one, and Wanda, being the rational and smart one. Along with them is a cast of talented voice actors, such as Gilbert Godfried, Tara Strong and Roger Bumpass.

This show gives even grown people things to chuckle about. SOme of the antics are maybe childish, but the gags are so zany that it makes me laugh out loud. The main theme is catchy, and me and my brother know it by heart. Even to go along with it, is a somewhat cheesy moral. But they make up for it with the humor.
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ChalkZone (2002–2008)
What the hell?
8 August 2003
I can say alot about a little. This show, as the they would say on Rocket Power, "Stinks on Ice" It actually reeks worse than that. It's about a boy who can travel in a world where all the chalk goes when it's erased. It's really stupid about how the little fantasy thing goes. The animation is craptacular, and the voice acting is horrible. (Specially Snap's. He's annoying.) I cannot believe the person who made a funny show like Fairly Oddparents made a bunch of Sh*t.

Another annoying aspect is that they always ALWAYS have some annoying 4 minute musical interlude, where the lyrics are badly made, and the...heh heh, dances are worse.

I give it a D-
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I can see why it's so popular
8 August 2003
SpongeBob SquarePants is a clever made show. I frequently watch it, and I still laugh. I don't need to explain the plot, everyone knows it. The voice acting is exceptional, and the gags also refer to adults as well. I especially enjoy Tom Kenny, and Clancy Brown in this show. They can get away with alot down there under the see.

I highly suggest this one, because if my father could laugh at it, then so could anyone.
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Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1998–2007)
Funniest Damn Show I have had the fortune to see in my life.
8 August 2003
Bottom Line, this show is hilarious, and I recommend it to anyone who loves laughing.

It stars Wayne Brady (really good at singing), Colin Mochery, (The bald canadian that is probably the funniest) Ryan Stiles (The most outragous of them all) It is hosted well by Drew Carrey, (Note: whenever he starts laughing, it makes it twice as funny. I don't know why though) who also joins in at times.

The Show is an improvisation show I guess was made for fun, and people got such a kick outta it, they kept it. A fourth contestant joins in with Ryan, Wayne, and Colin. Usually either CHip Esteen (Good singer as well) Brad Sherwood (Not to shabby) or Greg Proops. (One of the great Who's Line veterans.) The games they play are all improv, and all are hilarious, which may sometimes include a member of the audience. Three other people who guest starred are Hugh Heffner, Robin Williams, and Whoopie Golberg.

I watch this show on a daily basis, and I can't ever get enough of it.

I give it ten stars, A++, 100 percent good. Watch it.
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A great Anime for those who can sit through it. (Possible Spoilers)
8 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
G Gundam is a very unique version of the whole Gundam series. Instead of sitting cockpits like in most of the other gundam tv series, the cockpit is based for martial arts style fighting.

Alright, basicly earths people now live up in colonies, and they have a gundam fight tournament to choose who will rule for a while. It sounds like a simple little plot but it gets better.

The main characters are Domone Kashuu, a fighter from Japan, and his crew member and friend, Rain Mikamura. They go around beating up other gundams from other countries,with their own, the Shining Gundam. And everyone is just dandy.

The characters are good, and develope pretty well once you see the end. The Story altogether is like a mystery. Most of it isn't revealed until the middle. The Gundam designs are clever, and the villian (or who I concider the villian) is the best one I've ever seen.

The main villian is a Gundam named "Devil Gundam" (Or how the American cencors call it "Dark Gundam") It's basicly a gundam that thinks and acts on its own, using the 'pilot' as a power source instead of as a master. The Gundam can self regenerate, and self evolve (each evolution being more disturbing and freaky then the last. In the last few episodes, the Devil Gundam brings the great dramatic effect by taking Domone's partner.

I can honestly say this is one of my anime favorites, because it has mystery from episode 1, to the last fight on 49. Go see for yourself.
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Hey Arnold! (1996–2004)
Pure Greatness.
8 August 2003
Hey Arnold is one of the greatest Nick shows. The plot is about boy nmaed Arnold who lives in a bording house (with an awesome room) with his grandparents and other people. He faces challenges in life. Usually these challenges make you think, and they get you interested. The voice acting is wonderful, and the jokes are most of the time funny. Not to mention the music, it is as well good. Hell, this show even has a good romantic story at times. I for one hope they keep this one up.

Watch it. It's good.
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Another Good Memory.
8 August 2003
I saw this maybe three times at different ages. I liked it alot, and KNEW I reconized Robin Williams. At a young age I alway thought "Dude, that guy Zak has the coolest haircut." And untill this very moment, I didn't realise that Hexxus was a demon, or was voiced by Tim Curry.

It's an interesting movie in a large rainforest inhabited by fairies. They think humans are dead, unti a bat named Batty (Robin Williams)shows up. It's two main characters, Zak the human surfer boy guy, and a fairy named Krysta, who shrinks him to her size. The movie has a pretty cliche, but well said point I think, and good plot. The music is great too, and the villan is great,Hexxus, and old demon, but perhapes a bit frightening at times. (Villains are always the coolest)

Basicly, the musics good, the characters are good, the voices are good, the bad guy is good (but frightening and the animation is good. I see nothing wrong with this film, and I recommend it to those who like classics.
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