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Groundbreaking, entertaining and pure quality.

No reality shows or typical sitcom-type shows.
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Thought provoking
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This list in no order of preference, has the top 10 most underrated 'hollywood' comedies ever made. That means they were either ridiculed or forgotten immediately upon release.
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This list contains good movies and god-awful movies, that some people insist on saying is the best movie ever...They are either sheep, morons or pretentious numpties :-)
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Let me know if I have missed anything and I will tell you how you are wrong.
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Comedians who are not funny, directors that produce drivvel, actors who can't act... you get the picture.

More, a lot more, will be added if and when I can be bothered.
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Ignore the hype people, these shows are awful.
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Evil, nasty, vindictive, brutal and entertaining...
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Not in order of greatness with the exception of Billy Connolly, who is without doubt the daddy of stand-up.

Let me know who I have missed and I will tell you why you are wrong.
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Movies from the greatest wee country in the world.
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These are mostly movies with promise/good ideas, however, once the CGI 'beginners' got a hold of it, well the results are there for you to see (or avoid).
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Not in order of preference. No horrors, westerns or typical-war films.
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Let me know who you think I have left out and I will tell you why you are wrong.
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US movies are Ok if you want to switch off and leave your brain aside, but for truly great films, the UK beats US movies hands down.... You know its true.
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A great source for movie recommendations.
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Some US comedies are brilliant, no doubt (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Friends, Taxi, Golden Girls. Frasier, Cheers, Roseanne etc) however UK sit-coms are better by far, you know it's true...
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Quality, adventure, violence, revenge, slaughter, pride and guns....
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Just because some arty-farty film journo says it's a classic, doesn't mean it is.

Films will be added as I remember them :-)
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The people responsible for these movies should be executed for wasting all of our time.
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An open-minded, Adam Sandler free list of the top 50 comedy films of all time.
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Movies you know aint cool but you always enjoy.

(Not in preferencial order)