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Decent, 12 July 2011

Game goes get a little repetitive and the questions try a little too hard to be funny and HIDE the dirty undertone of its true context, but the spin they put on "theme shows", such as the royal wedding week in celebration of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I enjoy it when they get odd couples that are interesting, or at least give interesting questions. SOMETIMES we are given plain of questions with boring couples. Thankfully the show goes by rather quick, sometimes, if and when commercials are skipped thanks to the DVR.

The new hostess, Sherri Shepard, isn't too bad. Its good seeing a women host this long running game show, for some reason it feels more comfortable than when males had the luxury of hosting. Sherri brings some spice and attitude to the show. I'm always curious to see how her hair will look, is it a wig, natural, or extensions? Funny.

"Baggage" (2010)
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Entertaining, 12 July 2011

Jerry Springer lately has been attempting to get away from his talk-show and onto other things, usually at the same time. This time around he's tried his charm as the host of Baggage, which is a dating game show where one person has to choose between one of three potential dates based on their baggage. Once the winner has been chosen, that one person must view the original chooser's baggage and see if its acceptable.

Its always interesting to see just what the baggage will be, and with each round the wonderment becomes ever so increasing and shocking. Even if tried with a new host, this show would be watchable but Jerry brings a certain light hilarity and yet sincerity to the show. You'd be surprised just how much the HOST in a game show matters, a perfect example is the decades of Newlywed Game. Speaking of old game shows, baggage is a little bit like Dating Game and Price is Right.