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These are animated movies, created by the likes of Disney and Pixar, that are made for families, but will also make you cry.
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The following movies are ones that my mom and I love to watch together. Warning: I am an adult and some movies may be inappropriate for mothers with daughters under 17, but some are fine.
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These are probably the the movies best femme fatale characters that I've ever had the privilege of seeing. I know that Single White Female is missing, but I wasn't really that impressed with that particular movie. The films with Marilyn Monroe and Barbara Stanwyck are better.
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These are the young actors that I feel is too soon to say whether they will have good or bad careers, but who I think show a remarkable amount of talent and may blossom into shining stars. If you have any doubts remember Elizabeth Taylor, Jodie Foster, and Elijah Wood all started as child stars and Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio started out as teen heartthrobs and Anne Hathaway started out in teen movies. :)
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These are, in my opinion, the best female actors active in film today. They are all popular actresses, but have also done some serious work as well. They can both move and entertain, the mark of a true performer.
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These are all actors that have impressed me, but never seemed to make A-List (or sometimes even B-List) status.
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These are all the movies I used to watch over and over again as a child 1980-1991 in the order of the frequency with which I used to watch them (from most to least). They all bring back very good memories!