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Finally, there's a point!!, 8 March 2005

Usually, I can't stand "reality" shows. I don't care to see average people go through anything to get on television, not to mention the fact that the presence of cameras totally contaminates their behavior. I can survive on an island for over a month, I can eat cattle eyes, and I could cheat on my girlfriend. I just don't think any of it is worth it just to be recognized(for a little while). I know, the money doesn't hurt either but greed isn't any more noble than vanity.

So, on to the point. "The Contender" buries all those other shows for a few reasons. First of all, these guys are doing something most of us can't. They are professional fighters. Getting punched hurts, staying in peak physical condition all the time takes way more discipline than the average north American can muster in their dreams. I'm a big sports fan and part of the appeal is athletes(with the exception of some baseball players) are as close to super human as you can get. The second reason this show stands above is because their behavior wouldn't change much without the cameras. The only exception is there would be no Sly, but don't forget, he's just an actor anyway. And finally, at there is a fight at the end of each show, again, I'm a fight fan so knowing there will be a professional boxing match with elimination on the line is really exciting to me.

My only criticism is the cheesy over-dramatization, but it's network TV and they would jump off a building before presenting something at face value(think Superbowl).


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Um, sure., 7 March 2005

I wish all lesbians looked like Jennifer Beals. But they don't. I'm one of the few straight males lucky enough to have hung out in a lesbian bar(once) and this show is visually inaccurate. That's all I got. Don't get me wrong, I like hot chicks, naturally, but I also enjoy realism. Why am I the only one bringing this up?

Anyway, I admit, I haven't watched this show enough because I'm at work when it is on, but I'm always interest in lifestyles about which I know very little(like most guys, everything I know about homosexual women I learned from pornography, with the previously mentioned exception of course). "Queer As Folk" and this show have done me the service of digging underneath stereotypes which I appreciate and hopefully I'll get to more of it soon.

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Killing Spree!!!, 23 September 2004

I think this show had some kind of subliminal hook. I mean really, who actually thinks:

"Hey, Full House is on! It's so funny and original, and not annoying at all! I can't miss it!"

Anyway, it had big enough ratings to carry it for EIGHT YEARS?!! Except no one talked about it the way you would a Seinfeld or Simpsons. I think people were drawn in subconsciously and then later ashamed. Sometimes when I flip around channels, I find myself landing on it and STAYING THERE for like a whole minute! What's wrong with me?! I think I like watching stuff that makes me angry(I once watched 3 straight minutes of Oprah - and I used to read Ann Landers, the most out-dated advice in the history of print).

With all the talk about Ozzy, Judas Priest an Slayer causing suicides and the like, I think if I ever go on a killing spree, "you got it dude" and the crappy fake audience sighing when one of the girls got sad will have something to do with it.

I do believe I made my point.

10 out of 10!!!! OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

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Surprisingly Entertaining, 11 November 2003

I watched this one Tuesday afternoon when nothing else was on. My friends and I all assumed it would suck but after seeing it I told my roommates all about it and now I watch it every week. It helps that Kenny is naturally witty and also a cheating bastard, so it's easy to root for Spenny.


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He's talking about you!, 27 September 2003

I'm surprised Bill didn't get sniped at some point considering how actual freedom of speech, in practice, is dwindling. Nevertheless, Bill once again points out how ridiculous and over-simplified politics have become, and not just in America and not just "politicians". Societies all over the world have distorted views on what's best for everybody. And equally important is the fact that I laughed my ass off. My only criticism would be that this is one man's opinion, but that's really more of a warning to viewers than a shot at the performer himself. About 80% valid argument, 20% Bill's inner-monologue. But after all, that's what a comedian does.

Just as a side note: Stand up comedy takes more courage that most people can dream of mustering, but when someone can do it without a hand-mic, that's a true sign of comfort.