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A list of some of the worst movies I've ever had the misfortune to have watched.
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These are my guilty pleasures, the films that are so bad, they're good. I don't want to put these on my Favorites list; that's for movies I think are good. These are the movies I think are stupid, ridiculous, and campy, but love anyway. I love these films as much as I love the good movies on my favorites list, just for different reasons.

There are certain requirements to be on this list. The first is that the movie's IMDB score is somewhere in the 5.8 range or less; the second is that I have to find enough enjoyment in it to put it here.

I also have three types of Awesomely Bad movies:

-Cheesy: These are films that are bad because of certain elements and tone; they're campy, dated, or have bizarre casting decisions. These ones could have been good with a few tweaks to story, casting, and writing, and are sort of middle of the road in terms of awesomely bad; they're too bad to be considered good, but they're still too entertaining to be as awful as it needs to be. Note: A Cheesy movie can also be campy; I use cheesy to denote either a campy or cheesy movie to save time.

-Awesomely Bad: The best of the worst. THIS is what I'm here for! These are movies you just can't defend. They are BAD. Sure, so bad they're good, but still pretty damn bad. They're just as enjoyable as cheesy movies but without any shred of thought put into them.

-Borderline Good: These movies are the oddities towards the bottom; they are almost good movies, but their low scores just can't justify me adding them to the other list of good films.
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A video-less version of the James Rolfe/Cinemassacre list of the same name
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These are all the most mediocre, disappointing, sucky and putrid episodes of otherwise good TV shows. Watching any of them is bound to make you cringe, and in some cases may even make you ill.
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A list of movies that people hate and/or criticize that deserve a little more love. If you think I missed something tell me and I'll see if I can add it.
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Title says it all.
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The Harry Potter series, ordered from best to ok, as none of the movies are really 'bad,' per se. If anyone wants an explanation on a certain movie's placement, leave a comment.
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Empire's list of the 500 greatest movies of all time. Feel free to comment on which movies you think are placed too high, placed too low, which ones shouldn't be on here and which ones are missing.