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Fred & Vinnie (2011)
Sometimes it is better to leave old things as they are ...
11 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
At the same time funny and moving film, made ​​directly to my taste. The story of people who, though it seems not for this world too much importance, and yet we need to know about them because when we think they are everywhere around us. Intimate story of friendship between two men who meet together for years through phone and tell your experiences of your life. On the one hand, Fred, the quiet and desperate little man who tries to assert itself in Hollywood as an actor, has problems with women and visits a psychologist. And then there's Vinnie, the man buried in debt and his whole world is a couch, TV and candy. Vinnie is literally hungry for Fred's adventures, whether any one day and decides his "old" friend to visit...
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