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It was such a rich decade when it comes to cinematography and i made some hard choices here in order to cut it down to elite number of 50. Probably, in months to come there will be minor changes from place 30-50,(i still need to watch or re-watch few titles just to be sure), but as far as the first 30 i would say that`s as elite as you get for my money. Above all, i would like to say that this is MY choice...choice of movies which are important for ME and MY life, so probably several masterpieces of the decade, or some great directors are left out, but hey - that`s me! This way i make it more honest and personal, and i dare visitors for comment, disagreement or discussion. In the end we all learn!
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We`ve all heard of "that guy" actors, but this is my attempt in making a list of female performers familiar rather by their face, or role in some movie, than their actual name. Of course, some of these actresses are still very famous; some have won an Oscar, or just were Oscar nominees; some were big stars at some point in their career, or lined down few appearances in major hits - and i`m sure that the regular movie buffs know them very well. However, i`m also pretty sure that mentioning their names can make confusion in mind and memory of an ordinary person (who actually have life outside of the movie world). In order to remind people, educate and entertain, i present my dames to you.