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One Of The Best Games Of All Time..., 20 January 2013

GTA San Andreas is far in the way the best GTA game, This is a must have for GTA fans and amount of content you can do in the game is so satisfying that it can even appeal to those completely uninterested in GTA. But before I go into any detail let's take a brief comparison first.

This game is a lot different than Vice City and GTA 3 or any of the GTA games before or after it. The characters are a lot different, There's a lot of swearing and foul language threw out the game that may offend some gamers. It's pretty much just a ghetto version of Grand Theft Auto.

But it's still a fun game there's a a lot of countless things you can do in the game that It's hard to put it in all in one Review. But I'll give you some examples, you can swim, dive underwater, level up your characters statues such as strength and driving skills, a lot of weapons and vehicles, characters, missions, side missions, going to dance club, getting a girlfriend, and much more. I won't spoil much more cause I think it may be best if you just play the game to know how much content there is in the game to keep you wanting to come back for more.

With all these costumes, missions, weapons, vehicles, cheats and secrets to find, San Andreas has incredible lasting appeal whether your playing by yourself or with a friend. If your a GTA fan or just like free roaming games go get a copy of this game just do it right now. It most definitional recreates the experience better than any Grand Theft Auto game before or after it. There's definitely lots of fan service in the game but gameplay is also just plain fun and anyone who is into a good solid free roaming game should have a blast with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

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A Big Super Hero Fan Setup, 18 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was simply 6 letter's in 1 word, "Boring". Why you may ask? Well, it's best to start from the beginning.

I was expecting a great movie featuring several different superhero in 1 screen, I was so hyped that I got as many friends as I can to see it but some couldn't go so I only invited a few. God the movie was so hyped that there was a huge line and I mean huge and all of those people were gonna go see the same film that I was gonna see. So once I walked in and waited for almost 20 minutes for the movie to start, that is when the big disappointment began. Such a boring introduction and lame character revilement. No creativity, no second thought, no built up, nothing. Feels more like an introduction to Jersey Shore and Transformers than an actual Marvel Film. But I got to admit, the begging scene where Thor's brother appears reminds me of halo (atleast the first one) so that's pretty cool but too bad the scene itself sucked no matter what. The other negatives that made this film a disappointment is the lack of any real character imitations. Thor brother was the prime example of this along with the childish predictable jokes you hear from them. The acting and written for Thor's brother was pathetic and pointless that without he's mighty powers he's nothing but a wimp or the actor himself was just a wimp from the beginning. He looks to be about 50 years old and doesn't resemble any appears of Thor what's so ever, all they do is just put on the costume and that's it. So what about the clichéd jokes I mentioned? Well, there stupid, childish, out of place for a movie that is suppose to be quality entertainment (then again it was terrible and nothing new) and once you hear the first joke, you will automatically know that all the jokes will be the same kind of thing threw out the whole movie. I will admit that I did laugh at some moments but it struck me to be unpleasant and very lazy for a movie like this or any other. In fact, I was so bored and unpleased that I wanted to leave right when black widow appears cause it was so boring. But I didn't cause I wouldn't want to hurt my friends's feeling's that I invited them to a movie and wanted to leave once we began watching it. So I stayed and watched the rest of the movie. It took about half of the movie just so all of heroes can appear and an interesting note I might add is that Edward Norton who played as Bruce Banner in the incredible hulk (2008) was replaced when I was expecting him to be in it. So I was disappointed with that cause he was great as Bruce Banner. The ending climates with the avengers and Thor's Brother was lame as well. Sure some of the action is cool but some other action scence suck and it used special/sound effects from transformers and that sucks. When I think of action from the avengers I would predict it to be Dragon Ball Z without energy waves or teleportation. But no it just felt dull. So, what I did I really think of the movie overall? Well, to put it short and bluntly this is what I said in my mind when the movie ended "THIS MOVIE SUCKED!!! WHAT A SETUP FROM MARVEL TO DISGRACE SUCH HEROES THAT WERE GOOD TILL THIS MOVIE CAME OUT! MARVEL MUST OF KNEW THAT A WHOLE BUNCH OF MARVEL FANBOYS WERE GONNA GO SEE THIS MOVIE CAUSE IT HAD THEIR FAVORITE HEROES IN ONE BIG SCREEN! NOT A SECOND THOUGHT ON HOW IT WILL PLAY OUT, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS WHO'S IN IT?! Wow, what a waste of money and time I wasted on such a worthless movie like this. FIRST THEY RUINED SPIDERMAN AND NOW THIS?! WHAT A SETUP!." That's how I really felt like when I finished watching this movie. And you want to know what was the saddest part about it is?! A bunch of people said it was amazing and the best movie of the year! B******! Worst movie of the year you mean! And worst super hero movie I've ever seen in general. I recommend you all take my advice and don't waste your time on such dread cause it's not worth it. Don't Listen to what to the people who liked this movie cause they're only saying it cause there just so depended on Marvel that they think anything with their superhero will be good. At this point and on I don't really like Marvel at all anymore. The Avengers ruined it for me. Time to official move on to DC like everyone else would do. And the ones who haven't, wake up and see reality that your pointless Marvel Heroes are Zeros. My god this movie was so Bad when I think about it I feel embarrassed that I sat down and really watched the whole movie and didn't leave right when I felt like going to sleep like everyone else would. But I give this movie a 3/10 just because the beginning reminded me of Halo. But besides that the movie itself was so incredible boring and very unoriginal, don't forget it was predictable too. In fact when I was watching half of the movie I completely forget what the plot was really about. Another thing is that the movie feels more like a sequel to Thor than actual teamed up superhero movie. So, don't see The Avengers but go watch The Dark Knight Rises instead. That was a far better movie than The Avengers. Thanks for reading and I hope you take my advice. Good Bye, Your gonna need it.