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"The Game" (2006)
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When its bad its bad no matter what color!, 2 April 2012

Its has nothing to do with black and white which is all people wanna make it out to be, its just not good, so get over it. bad, is bad no matter what color!!!!! when ever something is bad its a race thing but whens something is good its all about talent. give me a break! its bad, end of story. People wanna say its good cause its made with African type actors and so on, but lets face it, just because you have actors of color or something is directed by a person of color does NOT mean it gets to be great without merit its that simple. People of color made there own awards show because of sub-par work from people of color, if the work was up to standards there would not have to be a separate awards show for people of color simple as that. you can call me a lot of things but I just call it like I see it. And Holly Berry is smoking Hot and talented thats why she got an Oscar because of her talents and for no other reason.