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here is another list of some actors who we havent seen in a while are they still in the industry? please give me feedback
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we lost Heather way to early and even though her legacy is small in comparison she was larger than life. i often wonder what wonderful contributions she would have given us had she lived. she was discovered by Steven Spielberg in the MGM commissary where her sister Tammy was filming Pennies from Heaven and the rest is history. she actually beat out Drew Barrymore for the role of Carole Anne in Poltergeist. here is her short but memeorable list. she had quite a few parts in tv shows which are not on this list give me youre feedback
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whatever happen to these actors and what are they doing today if anyone knows please let me know
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Kim is best known as Prudence Everett on the tv series Nanny and the Professor but she has been in some good films here are a few
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best known as Sargent Suzanne Pepper Anderson on the tv seies Police Woman she has made some fantastic films here are a few
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although Shirley Jones is best known for her role as Shirley Partridge in the tv series The Partridge Family she has been in some remarkable films here are just a few
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kudos to all the kids who make these horror movies creepy and scary
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Annette another movie legend best known for her beach movies with Frankie Avalon she stopped acting in the 90s because she suffered from Multiple Schlarosis here are a few of her films
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another great child star who just turned 17 heres a list of some her films when she was younger
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this girl has come a long way and has acted in some great films here is a list also i have titles for some of her upcoming films
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this girl is awesome every role she has taken on she has mastered every genre and now she just finished filming NOW IS GOOD about a girl dying of cancer that wants to live everyday she has left living it to the fullest
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do you remember some of these classics
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a list of my favorite actors over the years
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theres alot of movies ive seen this year some new a few old i recomend all of them