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Awesome Mini-Series, 12 November 2003

Great Mini series that I must have seen at least each year 10 times. Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, Mo Rocca, and Rich Eisen were the funniest of the bunch. I recommend this to anyone who has any kind of a sense of humor and it's great to watch when you're bored. 10/10.

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Perhaps better than the original., 12 November 2003

I loved it and taped it and will watch it over and over. I thought it was just as good as the original and maybe even better. I though Hal Sparks led the group with the funniest insight out of everybody. 10/10. I hope they do "I Love the '90s" or "I Love the '60s." I would even love it if they did a variation of "I Love the '80s Strikes Back" using the '70s or do another 10 years on the '80s. I would watch anything that VH1 did with these series.

The Flying Car (2002) (TV)
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Loved it., 26 September 2003

If Kevin Smith's career ever tanks, we all know that he has what it takes to get him back on track. And that is Dante and Randal. They are hilarious. I would love to see "Clerks 2" (which was supposed to be made, but never was.) But i doubt Kevin will make it unless his career starts to go down the toilet which i doubt it will cause his writing is brilliant and hilarious. "The Flying Car" short was great. I loved it.

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Great Movie., 5 August 2003

This is certainly a fine film that not to many people have saw. I give this a 8/10 because of it's dialogue, action, and the way every scene filmed keeps you interested in the movie and willing to see the next scene. I like Tarantino's films because there is always something extra involved in the film that you might not notice until you see it a fourth of fifth time. I enjoyed "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction" very much. I am still yet to see "From Dusk Till Dawn." What i like about "Reservoir Dogs" and especially in "Pulp Fiction" is that the beginning of the movie is the end of the movie. I think that is such a brilliant way to make a movie and keep the viewer interested. I recommend this movie. Two big thumbs up.

Mallrats (1995)
The movie that made me a Kevin Smith fanatic., 5 August 2003

I loved this movie so much that i now own it and every other Kevin Smith flick. This movie does not have as much laughs as "Clerks" but certainly makes me laugh a great deal. Kevin Smith is a genius writer and director and it's just a shame that the Jay & Bob flicks are done. But anybody who wants to see a funny movie, i recommend Mallrats. This was the first Jay & Bob flick that i saw and it made a great impression on me. Brodie is the best and funniest character in the Jay & Bob series. I give this flick thumbs up. 7.5/10

One of the worst movies i've ever seen., 5 August 2003

I enjoyed Men In Black but this sequel to it is a disaster. At not one point of the movie was i interested and i was just waiting for it to end. This is by far Tommy Lee jones's worst films and one of Smith's worst films. Johnny Knoxville and Lara Flynn Boyle should never be bad guys in any movie. I give this movie two big thumbs down.

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The new Seinfeld (only swearing), 5 August 2003

I think Larry David and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" are brilliant. I loved "Seinfeld" and as well love this show. I started watching the re-runs this summer and i now watch it almost everynight. I heard HBO is gonna have a fourth season early next year. I can't wait. I recommend this show to anyone who has HBO. This is the second best show on television second to "The Sopranos."