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Excellent Movie!!!
7 May 2011
This movie is very well put together. Great flow and great scene transitions. Lots of warmth and heartfelt moments throughout. Angela Basset performance was stellar, as well all actors and actresses. My favorite scenes are with Angela Bassett. Especially the scene where she uses her foreign language skills. Check it out and you will want to see it again. Mike Epps made the movie too. He is a funny guy. Jumping The Broom is a stellar movie with class. This movie is for all social classes. Somewhere in the movie, you will see yourself. Plus, the movie will make you want to improve your relationships on all levels. With non-threatening scenes, you can enjoy it with all audiences. Tell all of your friends to check it out. I am so glad I saw this great movie!!! The best producers, the best actors, simply the best all around. I rate this movie as an A+!
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