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This is a collection of Professor Frazier's favorite movies for students to compare with their own lists.
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Best Foreign Films with emphasis on Non-Western cultures. This list is designed for college students taking a non-Western film appreciation class to debate the greatest accomplishments of foreign directors and introduce students to world cultures. The list begins with the most influential European films on the history of non-Western films and then proceeds through the following non-Western cultures: Africa, India, China, Japan, Iran and the Middle East, Native American, Mexican, South American, and Caribbean.
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Hundreds of films have been identified as the best documentary films of all time. This is a list for my college students to learn about the history of documentary films and the greatest documentary films to date. The first eighteen films are the most important films in the early development of the documentary, and then the list is alphabetized.
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This film list is designed to supplement the instruction in an introductory Art History 1 class (Pre-history through Medieval Art).
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100 Most Influential Films of All Time
This list is constructed for an introductory art appreciation class to debate the history of film aesthetics, development of genres, and social impact that film has had on American culture.