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a list of 24 characters
This is a list of Villians A-Z that I truely thought were great characters.
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This is a simple list of actresses listed A-Z who i like.I couldn't add on a bunch cuz I only picked one from every letter of the alphabet.
a list of 10 titles
This is a list of TV shows that went off the aur way to soon.
a list of 15 characters
My favorite female villians.
a list of 10 titles
This is a list of ten horror movies that take old movies and puts a new twist to them.I liked everyone and hope you do also.
a list of 4 titles
This is my list for the perfect Halloween.
a list of 53 titles
This is a list of movies that for some reason never really became popular but are really good movies with a good story or great acting.I highly recomend all these movies.They are in no particular order.And I will be adding to it weekly.
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My all time favorite horror actresses.
a list of 45 titles
This is a list of my favorite movie from every year of my life.I could only pick one movie from each year so i had to leave out a lot of great movies.