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Farm House (2008)
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a lot darker than it appears.., 6 January 2011

First i was reluctant to see this film, as i thought it was just another hostel type a certain extent it was. it'll make you rethink about getting into a gambling debt with organized crime. either way by the time you get to the cheese grater scene things pick up REAL quick. i must say the ending was almost telegraphed with all the foreshadowing. but they keep it together long enough to hit you in the gut with the very dark menacing and bone chilling ending. and i heavily agree about the look of the film. it's low budget but you'll never know it, because it looks like a major mainstream picture. this should have definitely been a major release.

this twisted little flick was a great find..

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what kept the show's quality up was the same thing that probably killed it., 11 May 2005

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this show was a outstanding when it came to quality.and the reason why it had such quality was because it was focused in one area.which is what may have killed it let me explain.

the show had a very narrow scope,it only captured the angst of alienated,grunge listening,middle class white female teenagers.which is why the show was so good it wasn't all over the place it just focused on one target white female teens.

some may say this should'nt stop teens from other demographics from relating to the show.yeah thats true but for the most part kids outside angst ridden white female teenagers didn't connect with the show.which is why i think their viewing audience was small(according to the network) think about it, can white female teens relate to movies like "our song","strait out of brooklyn","mi vida loca" or "fresh"? i don't think they can.MAYBE if my so called life had broaden its scope,while maintaining the quality of the show it might have lasted longer.

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one sided mellow drama, 4 May 2005

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you know law and order reminds me of this cop drama called hunter starring fred know how hunter shot and killed virtually EVERY criminal in a duel of sorts when he came in contact with them? well thats law & order but instead of ending in a shoot out it ends in the court room,where the prosecutors win 98% of their cases.just like hunter prevailed in most of his shoot having said that law & order wasn't always like this it was for the most part balanced.but after the oj trial that all changes.the prosecutors now seem like products of writers producers whom still haven't got over the oj trail,the prosecutors are now invincible.thus killing any realism the show had.

people for whatever reason is calling this show politically correct.well see heres the problem with that label.this show treats minorities as race/gender card playing opportunistic sociopaths.and when they do deal with racism its more of a after the episode where at the end a cab passes a black man in a business suit to pick up McCoy instead.THEN we start reflecting but by that time its too late cause the show is over with.and of course the guy he prosecuted in that episode was of course a angry race card playing black.Sam Waterson's character started out well, then turned into a politically correct proto-fascist. Isn't that an oxymoron? i understand their trying to say that no matter the reason crime doesn't pay.thats all well and dandy but i think they over did it.

This show is getting ridiculous. Since Fred Thompson joined the cast the writers have taken a conservative view on almost every issue. The juries even deliver conservative verdicts in Liberal Manhattan. There is no way that guy could get away with killing, KILLING, an anti-war protester in Manhattan. And the last line about how liberals hate getting involved with government was absurd. They are in Manhattan! What is going on with this show? I remember when the show convicted Gun Manufacturors but then had the judge overturn the verdict. That made sense, a Manhattan jury finding the Gun industry guilty. You would think that Manhattan was a conservative place. How could someone like Arthur Branch even get elected in Manhattan? also i noticed the reason why it has the scooby doo plot is because they have nothing else to offer in the variety department.because we all know that whom ever they suspect of killing said victim is more than likely gonna be found guilty its not really about guilt or innocence,but who is the suspect.somebody tried to make the argument that its not about weather or not the defendant is guilty.but how the prosecution gets him/her.sometime bending the law to get what they want.but the defense attorneys are portrayed as monsters.i would love to see a neutral court show and i thought trial by jury was that show but MAN WAS I WRONG LOL having said that i do miss the jury now.

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2 opinions about this movie, 31 December 2004

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the only way you'll like this movie depends on 2 things.........1 your unfamiliar with the games and/or you just want a good shoot em up zombie movie.but if your a fan of the games your gonna be brought to tears.the only thing that resembles the game are a few action scenes taken away from the games.and 4 characters from the game,jill,carlos,nicholai,nemesis.but their not fleshed out at all.which makes the casual viewer think that they never had depth to begin with which is so far from the truth it isn't funny.

also the creepy atmosphere of the game was utterly annihilated in the name of action.which WAS cool but in a cheesy way.nemesis could have been a great character till he turned into a bitch at the end. plus the one on one fight with alice is horrible if it had stayed a gun Battle then it would have been acceptable.

umbrella motives isn't fleshed out unlike the alice is really an intruding character sense she's not in the game she just doesn't fit.she messes up the dynamics of the original resident evil characters.its as if a girl wrote a fan fic and abruptly put herself as the center piece of the least she should have stayed separate from the others going on her own path like another reviewer mentioned.also there's others that don't fit the lil girl,is a rewrite of another character central to the 2nd game,nicholai is also a very important player,as is carlos and Jill and S.T.A.R.S but like i said their not fleshed out.but if you haven't played the games do your own research to see what i'm talking about.because the adaptation inaccuracies are too numerous to mention here

now judging the game on its own merits.........if your just looking for a light action shoot'em up slash horror pic this might hold you over.though i must admit that the first movie did have a level of more darkness and tension then this one(though not much).but like i said all in all if your unfamiliar with the games and/or you just want a good shoot em up zombie movie this is for you.but if your a fan of the games your gonna be brought to tears.

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bad azz action cartoon, 30 December 2004

i remember this great cartoon and its tight theme song as well.back when i was in middle school everybody loved this also had great depth for a action cartoon and i sorely miss it a lot.they just don't make good action cartoons at all.well not like these anyway,this is back when cartoons was off the shizzele.this was one of Hannah Barbara good cartoons back when they was making current more modern darker cartoons.its the type of cartoon thats smart and not dumbed down like todays cartoon. i wanted that jet...badly, so i can live out my Top Gun fantasy. I remember in this show they turned off it's engines to fool a heat-seeker...then dived and restarted it's engines...damn!

Kids (1995)
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enjoyable but ..., 24 December 2004

its overly exaggerated to the point of idiocy. this movie takes every negative stereotype and multiply it 10 folds. and after doing that you just cant take it serious anymore. but on its on i do believe its still entertaining. its just full of BS though,which can be overlooked. and the fact that some people thinks this is a accurate depiction is troubling.the film seems to do this out of shock value,especially for the older parents who's gonna watch this movie and take it as face value.kinda like the law & order cases,or the homicide life on the streets episodes,or any type of crime program for that mater. this film is like the birth of a nation on teens.but like i said its still got moments.

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carson fans need to get over it, 26 October 2003

face it he's gone,and its not really arsenio's fault.and yeah i agree with the first poster what killed arsenio was the backlash against hip-hop,especially after the LA arsenio was forced to somewhat change formats.wich caused another backlash amung the urban audiences.and he honestly never recovered.

everybody seems to be convinced that grunge killed arsenio but thats also false. it had absolutley nothing to do with arsenio's ratings.either way this show is sorley missed

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was good the first 2 or 3 seasons, 11 August 2003

This show declined in a BIG way when they introduced SHAPE SHIFTING ALIEN HITMEN to the show. When X-Files introduced SHAPE SHIFTING ALIEN HITMEN into the mythology, the show went from a dark & mysterious-yet-plausible-government consipracy-type series to a semi-dark sci-fi adventure show.after the whole alien conspiracy thing got convuluted and anticlimatic i hardly ever watched also lost its dark ambience like feel to in the end i was just looking forward to the mythology mutant/monsters of the week episodes wich i thought was the main purpose of the x-file to begin with.another thing they didn't seem like they got anything accomplished in their cases and seems like you wasted almost 9 years of your life watching a show that never got anything accomplished.but having said that this show was always interesting because.....well it was different from the other typical tv shows.thats why it will always stand out in tv time.even though it was hits and misses in the latter seasons.

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HELL yeah!!!!!!, 10 August 2003

this show is the sh!t.some people might not get this shows subtlety.the typical kids next door fight the well behaved and well monotone unison spoken stuck up delightful kids down the lane is pure genius.K-N-D is what every kid should be.while the others (delightful kids down the lane) are what people unrealistically expect kids to be.their tree house is ridiculously huge,but in a good has battle stations bedrooms etc. they also have these crazy vehicles,gadgets etc made by the latest 2x4 tech lol.KND are like battle technicians who are well disciplined.think of them as a preteen swat team.numbuh 4 and 5 are some bad muthas who usually do the security and things like that.the episode about them trying to high jack a ice cream convoy was action packed........SERIOUSLY!!.that had to be one of the best scenes in cartoon history.KND are a underground organization thats connected with other typical kids next door.though numbuh 1 thru 5 are the main characters.they occasionally run across other KND agents.their enemies are inventive

mutated lice

an evil dentist named night brace

the common cold

damn just damn........GR8 show

"G.I. Joe" (1985)
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subtley right wing, 8 August 2003

people rag on how liberal captain planet was,and its pagan undertones but fails to mention gi joes right wing ideology,and stereotypes during the reagan years.i'm not going to get into it.either way they was just cartoons.that aside i really liked the second season,and the movie,the battle android troopers was so cool.the action figurs was dull but the VEHICLES was the shiznit.

to the people who wanted to know where cobra got their funding from.cobra got financial support from their lagitamate buissneses,and they also stole jewelry and money aswell.

their technology advanced fast cause they didn't have any moral or ethics that limited them.wich means they had no limits in their exspirementation.wich makes cobra even more interesting