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One of the best dinosaur movies ever!, 5 August 2003

This is a damn good movie for a 1969 release! Of course the special effects are what makes it so good. Once again, I represent the one percent of the critics who liked it. I also have an artistic eye though. I see Harryhausen's Allosaurus(not Tyrannosaurus) as a living breathing beast. The only other movies that this happens is, One Million YeARS b.c. and Jurassic Park who's computer animation stands alone compared to the hundreds of other horrible excuses for c.g.i. that exist. With Harryhausen's effects we are talking about one artist who creates all the monsters and scenes, not about a team of people with different ideas who work on computers to make a flat representation of life. If you like movies like Anaconda and Tristar's Godzilla, then this movie is definitely not for you.

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The best Sinbad from the trilogy!, 5 August 2003

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Love that Ray Harryhausen". As far as Harryhausen's effects go, this is a very adventurous effort for him. The animated ship figurehead,AWESOME!, the six arned statue, BRILLIANT!, and the epic monster summoning battle at the end is a dream come true. I can't believe the griffon got beat by that brain-dead centaur. And Tom Baker! Hell yes! He is my favorite actor. His portrayal of Doctor Who is the best. Someone made the comment that this came out the same year as the dungeon's and dragon's game and that it came out right before star wars and how it doesn't live up to expectations and blah blah etc... Well, feel free to rent the Dungeons and Dragon's movie that came a few years ago done with that oh so wonderful computer animation we have now. What a joke, other than the special fx from star wars, Rob Bottin(The Thing) and a select few others, Harryhausen's effects are the best! Buy this movie!