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"Birds don't try to fly, they fly", 14 December 2007

I loved this movie!! Depak explains the "Laws of Nature" with so much deep thought and wisdom. Oliva Newton-John is so beautiful and graceful, as well. The music makes me want to watch it again and again-so grateful for this film... Found it at the 'right' time in my life. These Laws:

1)The LAW OF PURE POTENTIAL- states that one's essential state is one of infinite possibilities....

2)The LAW OF GIVING AND RECEIVING- explains that ones has to keep energy and the free flow of ideas continuously circulating within the universe. One has be able to receive any "gift" from the universe with sincerity and openness and be able to give that back as well, instead of hoarding it whether it be gifts, money, flow of energy, etc.

3) The LAW OF KARMA- states that every action generates an energy that returns back to one in like kind. "By consciously paying a 'karmic' debt, one can convert adversity, into a positive debt in the universe, every goes unpaid" If one aligns with Spirit before making any decision, one can feel the best answer which result in the 'best' outcome, an outcome which will result in the most happiness for all involved.

4)The LAW OF LEAST EFFORT- states that Nature takes the course least resistance, chaos, and stagnation. "Observe Nature. Grass doesn't try to grow, it grows. Birds don't try to fly, they fly" .. "Chaos is actually unnatural"

5)The LAW OF INTENTION OF DESIRE- states inherent in every desire, there is also the mechanics to its fulfillment. Some intentions include Awareness, Potential, Creativity, Success, Healing.

6)The LAW OF DETACHMENT- states the Universe responds best when one is detached, and not desperate or obsessed on the outcome of a desire. Detachment is a quality of intention..ones intention is for the future, but its detachment allows one to experience the present. If one is obsessed with getting the outcome only and says to ones self "I will be a failure if I don't have this or that", one has locked their intention into failure mode already and thus created a fixed, rigid present. When one stays detached from the goal and awareness on the present, the intention will manifest.

7)The LAW OF DHARMA- is the law of purpose. Dharma is one's unique plan and reason for existing. Understanding one's dharma is understanding how one's individuality fits into the complex and intricate 'web of life'

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My favorite movie EVER...powerful, sentimental, & even funny!, 11 February 2007

This movie is so underrated!!! Wow!

I've seen this movie dozens of times and I never, ever get tired of it. I think the acting is superb, the story line well-thought out, even the 'chessy' 80's music is sure to 'turn on the waterworks' in certain scenes.

The story is about Billy Wyatt, a recently retired minor league baseball player, who is pretty far from 'functional' at the start of the film. In the beginning of the movie, he receives a sudden phone call at the motel he's 'shacking up' in giving him the news...he is left with Katie Chandler's (his childhood baby sitter) ashes, as she had shot herself at SeaSmoke, her beachside cottage.

This movie will make you laugh, cry, and feel!!

The story is a balance of flashbacks of Billy remembering his dad and Katie and then the challenge of him trying to figure out what to do with Katie's ashes.

It is such a beautiful film, I promise worth seeing!

10/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Dream, dream, dream, when I want you in my arms, When I want you and all your charms; When I'm with you.... all I have to do is dream"


Primeval (2007)
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I liked this movie..just think previews were misleading..., 8 February 2007

I liked this movie ~ and the thing is, its a true story. Right before the movie started, (I saw in theater) one of the ushers mentioned to me that it was about a crocodile.. I said "wait, think I'm in wrong theater, its 'bout a serial killer, isn't it?.." he explained the 'croc' was the serial killer. He then suggested I still see it anyway b/c it was true story. I had to adjust to what I was preparing to watch, but glad I had some "heads-up" ..I can understand how people were so misled. I think the previews should have just specified from the beginning, that it was a story about a vicious crocodile Some people would have appreciated it for what is was without being 'tricked' into thinking it was something else. Especially after Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter", died this past year! 6/10

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one of the best movies ever made, 5 March 2004

This film is sweet, uplifting, and encouraging. Its message says that despite the imagined human authority we dictate here on earth, we as people can and should make a difference when it comes to nature and wildlife.

Anna Paquin plays the resentful daughter trying to start a her life over again in a new country without her mother. Jeff Daniels plays a liberated father learning to make peace with his daughter and help her find a way for her geese to migrate. If you want to see a perfect movie and are tired of all the violence, dramatic plots, and curse words, then you should go see Fly Away Home. 10/10 all the way.

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Worst movie ever made- this movie is a complete joke and somebody has viewers believing this is worth sitting thru!, 6 January 2004

I cannot believe how many people out there actually voted such high scores on this God awful film. What is wrong with you people?? This movie has no plot what-so-ever and sitting thru it is draining and painful-not different!!! If I wanted to see art..I would have gone downtown to the museum. This movie Sucks, Sucks, Sucks with a capital- S! I try to respect everyone's opinions - but this is a film is some kind sick joke put out to fool innocent viewers like myself into believing it is worth something!

Pure Insanity !!!!!!

At least the voter from Japan himself says its awful and boring-

Somebody should hear the truth and quit analyzing to DEATH every thing good- because the TRUTH stands =This movie blows the big one - hard core-

sorry, sorry voters-

get on with your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not doubt your selves!!Doubt sorry- ass opinion makers!

Wrong Turn (2003/I)
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scary, disturbing, crazeee to imagine as reality, 4 August 2003

though this movie is not a true story , it gives you a dose of what it would be like if you and friends were left stranded in the woods to be killed by a group of genetically mutated 'monsters' and the absolute horror behind their practices. What would you do?

These teens manage to devise a plan and this movie keeps you intensified the entire time. There was really no way I was leaving this one once started...

some parts grossly disturbing and maybe overdone..

I would say 8/10 for the plot 10/10 for suspense

overall= 9