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I love going to the cinemas, so I felt like making a list of the movies that I've seen in the cinemas. I know it's not a lot, that's because I don't remember some. If I do, I'll add on. Not in order of ratings. Movies that I might try to see in cinemas: Non-Stop, 7500 (if it ever releases), Godzilla and Resident Evil 6.
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These are sequels releasing this year, next year or two years time. When the movies are released, I will remove them from this list and add new ones once were told about them. The Incredibles and Insidious are having sequels. Know any that I don't, comment them below.
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This list shows all the games that I have. The titles that have posters are at the top and the titles without posters are at the bottom.
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A list of everything shark whether it's a TV or theatrical movie, a game or a documentary! I've got it! Know any I don't, comment them below and I'll add them!