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Battle LA?......Battle to watch, 8 May 2011

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Earth invaded? what again? how many times does this have to go on? Right from the start with the jerky camera movement and 'live feed' news reportage it all just meant less need for special effects because you couldn't make out visually what was going on anyway. Civilian involvement? practically none... it would have been nicer if there was some story line other than 'I got a gun and I'm gonna use it'. If you want to watch a good sci-fi movie centered around the troops stick to the best and watch Predator... Battle LA will never be a classic so throw it in the bottom drawer and let it gather dust with Starship Troopers. If you wanted to make a video game shoot'em'up this would be an ideal template but as a movie I can't even give it a 2 for special effects. After 71 minutes I'd had enough......... sorry guys its a 1 from me.

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Refreshing, 8 May 2011

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On the whole a well cast and directed movie, although I do have my reservations (if it be only one) concerning the cast. From the start, a riveting film until we get the entrance of Vinnie Jones - from the minute he moved his lips and gave the worst Irish accent I have ever heard, my heart started sinking. Fortunately he had few lines so I managed get through it. Come on Vinnie you must have heard the expression 'don't give up your day job'. As the movie is based on a true story, it is not only enjoyable watch, but also interesting. With this in mind there is obviously some dramatisation, but the news footage (especially that shown at the end of the film) gives it the feel of raw reality. Overall one of the best gangster films I have seen recently - a big fat 8 from me.

Jack Falls (2011)
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not quite Guy Richie but worth a watch, 5 May 2011

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I have got to disagree with a comment i read about the film being a waste of time. generally the story line is OK probably a 7/10, the acting also. the disappointment is that it was shot in the style of sin city - i think if it was shot in colour it would have had a grittier effect -as a Guy Richie style sort of film, but not quite. overall a 5/10 simply because of the way it was shot. if you are going to shoot in b/w remember you are competing with the likes of Schindlers List, in colour with the effect of harry brown it could have got away with it. considering the usual 'hardcore' of Richies actors i would have expected a little bit more but all in all 5/10. give it a chance and see if you agree.