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This movie is horrible, do not waste your time, 14 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

MINOR SPOILERS, not like it matters anyways

I saw this at the 2016 Thailand Film Festival, and so I'll be reviewing this movie from a Thai moviegoer's perspective.

There are two main problems why this movie is not worth your time: the dialogue and the way Thailand is portrayed.

The movie choosing to make characters speak English is really distracting. Not only does it not make real-life sense because poor elephant herders aren't good at English, it doesn't make sense within the movie's own realm either. The daughter and father character, coming from the same region, has different accent of English. The dialogue itself feels like predictable movie dialogue and not how real people speak; for example, "We're not going to accept your money because we love our elephants!" when realistically folks will just say "Nah thanks mate" and walk off. And the two main villain with their silly fatness and bowl hair cut, HA!

The way Thailand is portrayed, in my opinion, is not realistic either. Yes, people do believe in spirits; however, not in the form of "master's spirit comedically comes back to train apprentice for karma points and whines about alcohol". Yes, there are companies using elephants for tourism; however, not in the form of "stereotypical evil corporation's silly fat guy has infinite money and persistence for just one elephant". Many more in accuracies about Thailand.

If you really hate good movies and want inaccuracies about Thailand, at least the second Hangover movie is occasionally funny. Three stars are for the film crew's money and my country's economy.

Wasted potential... could've gotten a Fincher treatment, instead backs out, 31 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Starting good, the pros: good writing, good acting, good direction, good character, good action. There is nothing really wrong with this movie(except for a few times where the shaky cam is just too much).

However, it could've turn into an exceptionally amazing film, but the director/writer/producers/studios played safe on the ending. All this movie, the dark, gritty tone and the characters, builds up to the final showdown(gunshot on the train-track). It made me feel the same feeling(kudos to the director and writer) as I did with Se7en's showdown: the moral conflict within the character. Could've gone Se7en's route and leave an emotional impact on the viewer by killing off Chan's character, but they instead backs away, and instead gave us a minor fight and a happy ending.

What a wasted opportunity.

Nothing short of brilliant, 3 July 2014

Before I start, I watched this without any clue whatsoever about the plot or story-line. the only two things I saw related was the poster and that Kevin got an Oscar for his role.

It was brilliant. Everything about it was top-notch. Writing keeps you in the dark most of the time, making the ending even more worthy of the wait. Acting is overall very fine; everyone played their part out convincingly.

Did I see THE twist coming? Yes(of course, why else would Kev get an Oscar, for simply narrating the story?). Does it make the movie any less better? No. I think what makes it stand out for me, even when I know who the true villain is is the direction. It's fast-paced and tense; tight close-ups everywhere. Keeps the audience from catching a breath. No time to recall on previous spoilers, because all the time the movie gave us is already used to think along and solve the puzzle.

Overall, brilliant writing combined with tight direction keeps this movie mysterious and worthy of its ending.

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Fun flick, nothing more... also, horrible 3D conversion., 25 October 2013

First off, your eyes will BLEED if you watch this in 3D, and man, I know I am good with 3D. I've been through The Hobbit, Gravity, The Wolverine, and other 3D movies, and I'm fine with all of them and enjoyed them more with 3D.

For the record, I'm a Thai, so I have a chance to see it in cinema in Thailand(of course in 3D). At the time I'm writing, it's the opening week and it's doing great.

Now to the movie.

It's a fun movie that has good action, whatever script, occasionally confusing storyline(but who cares, you come for the action), good acting, and excellent stunts. The action scenes are great for what they're worth, and are fun if you plug out the logic processor in your head.

The only problem I have with it(other than the 3D) is when the story took itself too seriously and the plot starts to get complicated. At one point an action is going on, and the plot is in the same time complicating itself, and I'm like "what the heck is this". My point is, the plot is confusing and complicated when it shouldn't be and might pull you out.

Overall, good action way too much plot.

Rating: 7/10

Meridian (2012)
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A good fun, 11 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a three part short by Joe Penna, in other name MysteryGuitarMan. He commonly makes music covers with his friends using cool techniques, but this is not too much out of his league, and most definitely doesn't fail to deliver.

The plot is not a point to complain at; it's complex and thought- provoking enough for a short film. The production value is great; if you watch MGM's videos regularly you will know that his production value is never a problem. The script is not great, just good, as well as the acting.

The only thing I have problem with is the climax, the one between the main character and the old guy in the museum. I think it's a little too short. That's it.

Overall, solid short and is a good fun.

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I do not approve this a good Disney animated film, never in a thousand years, 29 July 2013

When I see a Disney animated I look for 3 things, just 3 simple things, the original songs, the humor, and the theme. I think that this movie failed miserably at all of these.

First, the songs. They're not original, as most of them tried to be something that has happen in other Disney's classics already. For example in Quasimodo's love song, I can hear the chemistry - the beat sort of - from Be Our Guest running. The songs aren't original.

Second, the humor. The only gags are slapstick and not even the good kind. Their humor is cheap, just lots of guys getting hit in the balls. The best of all the humor is probably the 3 stone stooges, which is no where near its past, like Lumiere and co.

Last, the theme. Disney movies are supposed to have a simple and just purely good theme. Let's say Beauty and the Beast's redemption from evil, or Pocahontas's love can overcome anything, this movie is no where match. The theme is what, religion and hellfire. I call that bullsh-t.

In summary, this is no where near anything Disney has ever done and is terrible at being a Disney family everyone loved.

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Bullets, Explosions, Old Dudes, and Camera Shake: The Movie, 20 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think my title explains enough already, if it is not, then here is the extended edition.

This guy Stallone plays goes to this island with his 4 friends to take down an army of evil people. That's all for the plot. And let's face it here - nobody gives a s--- about the plot.

Now for the action, there's lots of bullets, explosions, old dudes, and camera shake. It's all cheesy and stupid, but it's fun. The guns make no sense, but it's really fun; in the very end Stallone has two handguns, kill four(I think) dudes with big guns. The explosions are satisfying; the things they have exploded are worth the watch, all the cars, the longs line of gas, the helicopter, the obviously CG house. The old dudes still got it, they kill like crazy. The camera shakes, however, is quite a letdown to this explosion-fest; you can't really make much out of anything.

But all and all, I liked it; it was a nice joyride and extremely satisfying.

Spiders 3D (2013)
It's a dumb and bland movie, and you are warned., 10 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, it's dumb, because of everything. The mom and the daughter are the screaming idiots in the movie. The dad is the invincible hero. The general is the arrogant plot-device. The spiders aren't even actual spiders, they're some ancient revived monster thing. The soldiers are stupid, doing nothing with guns and torpedoes.

Second, it's bland. For a stupid movie like this, the nothing is bad in quality. The plot wasn't bad, the script wasn't too awful, the production wasn't terrible, the effects were quite good actually; the thing is, everything are on a normal scale nothing gets me excited. It was boring because all are generic and so bland. So that's my second complaint.

The thing I wanted to compliment on is the effects. DANG! They are the real gem in an ocean. In a long time a stupid, low budget thing would even have ANYTHING AT ALL outstanding, but this one, the effects are. Kudos to all who worked for such little money and still nails the effects right.

Overall, it's a dumb movie, but if you have absolutely nothing to do and you want to see some good effects in a pool of stupid crappy movies, see this one.

Mulan II (2004) (V)
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No where near first, 1 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm too lazy to explain too much on this:


1. It's more of your favorite characters. Seriously, if you watch this, it means that you like Mulan so much you want more of her content. You have it.


1. The animation is way cheaper. I don't know how, but you can tell.

2. The songs are even worst, from the already bad amount of songs in the original.

3. It's rarely funny, and that's why I really liked the first one - they're funny.

4. Making a likable character a douchebag is a really ballsy move, and it failed here. Shouldn't have made Mushu the bad guy, should've been the under-developed Mongols instead.

5. The themes are far worse. The last one teaches them to believe in themselves and make sacrifices. This one teaches to break your words and be rebellious. There's a fine line between believing in yourself and being rebellious, and this one perfectly crossed it.

6. Voice acting isn't as good. Mulan is drier, Mushu is less comical and excited.

7. The ending, too easy.

Never the less, I got what I asked for, that is more of my lovely Mulan, and I have it. I'm quite happy now. Also for the fact that there's no more sequels.

Odd Thomas (2013)
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All blends pretty good, 30 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just finished watching this movie, and I say, it's pretty good. It's a great blend of thriller, heist, crime, dark comedy, and romance. It's got a bit of everything. The plot was unexpected, but in a good way. I had first expected this movie to an action fest, but what I got was a really great think-along plot, which is a nice surprise. The only downside to this is probably the inconsistent pacing and a bit of bad dialogue.

This movie is about a guy named Odd Thomas. He sees ghost and helps them. He sees an apocalypse coming and tries to save the town, using clues he finds along the way.

Everything in this piece is great. The chases will make you be on the edge of your seat. The totally dumb jokes will make you chuckle. The romance(especially the ending part, it might emotionally kill) will be you feel so warm and good. The couple's chemistry is golden.

The plot is real great. {soft spoiler} Many amazing twists on the revelation on the cult group's member, although I guessed one of the dudes in there right. :D

The only downside to this thing is probably the inconsistent pacing. It gets fast in town, then slows down in the creepy house, then fastens up again. It doesn't confuse me, but a more consistent one would be a hella better. Some randomly bad lines of dialogue, but no big deal.

Summary: Great story and blend, but inconsistently paced.

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