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Alex Cross (2012)
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Mediocre film with some amazing moments, 11 December 2012

Alex Cross isn't the best movie out there, by far. let's be clear about that. Some directors choices I thought were poorly thought through and Cohen really took a quite deep story to put on the screen, while we know him from some of the easier to digest action flicks.

So why the 7? Why watch this while there are so many gems out there?

To be honest, Matthew Fox. I loved his role in this movie, he's truly sinister and when he's on screen you'll be at the tip of your seat wondering what he will do next! I personally didn't dislike Tyler Perry as well, I believed him in some of the more emotional scenes in the movie.

don't get me wrong, this isn't my recommended movie for 2012. But it is a roller-coaster ride you'll enjoy as long as you see it for what it is: A action movie that touches the thriller genre in some nice ways. But never really becomes great.

Thanks Matthew Fox, you MADE this movie Perry, keep it up, you'll get there