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Falling Skies (2011–2015)
watch in bulk avoid episode by episode...minorities as usual first to go lol
12 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
glad watched this in one go and not episode by episode after avoiding it for many years as sounded silly..the characters are annoying and in some cases a little bit stupid with the exception of pope..and how annoying is Maggie even her voice is irritating ..and ridiculous how the black characters were killed of every chance Spielberg gets ..there was one scene where jimmy was in a bus with a black character the bus was shot up and only the black guy dies while jimmy runs of unscathed and Anthony could he be more of a kiss ass...and toms kids are so irritating....if your going to watch this don't think to much i am just finishing season 2 and its a little bit predictable also wont it be easier to train up and arm the citizen's
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Quantico (2015– )
I give it a 4 and I think even that is generous
13 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What a load of nonsense like Dawson's creek with a gun the characters are so immature and moronic they all have silly secrets that were never picked up on when they applied and the agent who is spying on the main character but she cant notice but everyone else can he can't pass the tests he must be doing for the second time round. And the way they argue and disagree with one another is annoying to watch has you screaming at the TV for the characters to grow up They can't seem to work together and have no people skills and the class idiot/bully caleb is there one of these in every program.... how original please can this crap and get it over and done with
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Brake (I) (2012)
pretty impressive
26 December 2012
cant say i ever been a stephen dorff fan i actually liked it goes to show you don't need a big budget and cgi to make a good film just a decent storyline was the one moment that reminded me of the end of homeland but was on the whole pretty good imagine jack Bauer locked in the boot of a car.... the character is a bit ruthless doesn't seem to mind sacrificing other peoples family but unwilling to sacrifice his own and yeah is a bit like buried but id say still pretty impressive did think it was annoying the amount of times the car was chased by the police and got away and through all the madness never got stuck in traffic once i haven't finished watching it yet its almost finish but i wonder it its all a test
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Red Dawn (2012)
hmmm maybe a remake was not a good idea
7 December 2012
wow so all this time waiting and this was the end result I'm sorry but i thought it was disappointing it could have been a lot better to many dumb moments and josh pecks character Mattall i could this is what a idiot without spoiling it to much his crying over his lost girlfriend was irritating i was hoping they would kill him of early i just thought it would be a lot more interesting i think ill watch my DVD of the original red dawn some things should just be left alone another remake that didn't live up to its predecessors reputation was a bit like Dawson's creek with a machine gun Chris hemsworth was good but the rest of the character's were just a little bit boring/silly for me
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End of Watch (2012)
walk the dog,takeout the rubbish,make your phone calls,update your twitter
24 November 2012
I'm a hour into this film and it doesn't even seem to have started it wastes the first hour boring you with the details of there freindship and how long they have know each other its annoying I'm a hour into the film and the main storyline about them being under attacked hasn't even start so you can walk the dog ,take out the rubbish,make your phone calls,update your twitter because nothing happens in the first hour if i wanted this id watxh some crappy cop show i expected it to be like assault on precinct 13 just outside not this its to slow i know you got to build up the story but this is a joke in the first hour you see his girlfriend get pregnant have her baby so its obviously set in that first hour over months i was expecting it to be more hardhitting and intense
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Boss (2011–2012)
was like the west wing and the sopranos rolled into one
21 August 2012
i had a chance to see this early last year but was sceptical about watching it as i thought it would be like the west wing and bore me to sleep but out of boredom i watch the first episode and strangely found it quite interesting was a real surprise that it was actually good and iv never been a Kelsey grammar fan but he is completely different to the Frasier crane character i last remember him playing especially when hes showing his character ruthless side and without saying to much what he does with the ears was just showing his ruthlessness,others may disagree but i feel iv found something to replace sopranos with on my TV guide hes ruthless,brutal,Machiavellian i just hope the network realises how good its is and don't do what they always do with my favourite programs and cancel it....really good so far
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24 (2001–2010)
why so much annoying computer jargon and annoying people
17 July 2012
i just re-watched most of the series and just noticed how annoying some of the characters are jacks cool beyond doubt but the other characters are so annoying and have some serious personality issues Chloe is the most miserable one ,edgar,adam all those computer geeks are annoying and miserable ,and why do they waste so much time with random computer jargon that doesn't even make sense looking back id say that was the only annoyng part ,strangely the makers of the show made la femme Nikita and was the same filled with annoying computer jargon to make the time pass by but if you can ignore that it is really good well as long as jack stays out the office with the annoying geeks babbling on about conducters and filters and crap like that to pass the time
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Cane (2007– )
very impressive but short lived
14 July 2012
this use to come on late at night in the uk id never really watch it or give it a chance than decided to watch it onlne one day out of curiosity to see what the big deal was i actually thought i was going to be disappointed but it actually turned out to be pretty amazing wasn't cheesy or stereotypical like i was expecting was actually interesting to watch reminded me a little bit of Dallas,dynasty and the godfather only thing that annoyed me is that like with all the other programs i like it got canceled after 1 series and i cant see why i cant even see a bad review so whats the networks explanation for canceling a clearly good program
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The Hit (1984)
really good
23 November 2011
i only heard about this film when i saw it on someones list of best films,thought it was really good willies a bastard from the beginning trying to play head games and turn them against each other but the girls more dangerous shes just as manipulative and sly was kind of hoping that the ending would be willie being taken to Paris and facing his former mates that he betrayed would have been nice if we could have found out more about his past crimes and find out how he was found in the first place a truly underrated British film it reminds me a bit of cohen and tate a old film from 1990 where two hit man snatch someone and have to take a road trip and survive the mind games ...........the hit is a really good film
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great underrated film
23 November 2011
i don't get some of these reviews this films amazing and really funny it definitely is one to add to the collection good story line with the two rival gangs going at each other not a Jude law fan usually but hes really good in this as the gangsters nephew it really works its got some of the best British actors about i couldn't stop laughing ain't enough good films like this about its,truly underrated....................... ........... .............. .................... .... ............. ............. ........ ................. ............. .................. ............. ........... ............. ................ ............ ...........
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