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Some good looking stuff coming down the pike... and these are the essentials*... (*perhaps).

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Bountiful resource for the sake of human decency. Allow these films to sift through, brew... riddle, realign and warp. The other side will be brighter and a tad shade darker.
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Films, television seen in 2015.
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1989 thru 1999.
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My favorite, and obviously biased and daringly opinionated and dare I say, most effective writer, director's.

I've reduced this list to writer/directors only. In a strictly 'filmmaker' inventory Stanley Kubrick would obviously be on top. Yet for the sake of trying something new - here we go.

Listing kinda trivializes human beings - films is another thing altogether. Let's no place too much stock on the numbers here. Unless you want to - in that case, the top ten is very confident. The teens are less so, but still stolid. A lot of director's who have meager output, yet a towering legacy. Tough choices.
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A 'best of'
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Albeit some contention... a list of actors who have somehow managed to remain elusive, mysterious, yet compulsively watchable. The roles they choose tend to be transgressive, subversive, and parallel to their own identity (most of the time... )
And Joseph Gordon-Levitt is NOT missed from this list...
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Netflix UK is the day to Netflix US' night. Two different world's entirely. I for one think the offering's from Netflix UK are superior, to say the least, to what we in the US have to at our disposal.

I discovered Netflix UK when chatter spread across the interweb on how to catch the final eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad' without buying from iTunes or AMC. Thus, Hola! was introduced to me - a proxy solution that basically unlocks the internet between borders.

If you'd wish to take advantage of these selections, download the Hola! extension on Google Chrome's browser (or Mozilla's if they offer it) and switch you're origin to 'Great Britain.' Quite simple.

So, without further ado, here's a thoroughly biased list of the "best" Netflix UK has to stream.
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A very good year for film.
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Best of the idiot box.
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Best of the aught's (decade with no name).
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Films released in 2012 I've seen thus far _ ranked.
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...creating tales for/ by an accelerated culture. American, born between 1959 - 1979.
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