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These are my favorite alien and giant monster films from the 1950s! I have enjoyed them since childhood!
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Here are some of my all time favorite tv series!
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Here is, in my opinion, a list of 20 of the loveliest actresses of the 1940s! Not necessarily in the order I have!
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These actresses played my favorite female charactors on tv!
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Here is a collection of some gorgious redheads that graced the silver screen in the days of old!
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These vampire films all had a charactor in them named Count Dracula!
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These are my favorite vampire theme film with no charactor named Dracula in it!
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Here is a list of my favorite Brit horror films not necessarily in this order!
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This is a list of horror film stars I have watched and enjoyed over the years!
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This is a list of my 10 favorite 1963-65 Outer Limits episodes! Most of them are from season 1 which is the better of the 2 seasons, in my opinion!