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Scarlett Johansson = <3 <3 <3 These are the movies I've seen so far.
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It's not with order, but I love them all!!!
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Some of the many films/tv shows I want to start watching!

I can't comment, I will delete the films I have watched, and I will add more!
If you have anything to suggest, feel free to write it!
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Apart from Scarlett Johansson who is my idol, and Kate Winslet, my favourite actress, the others are in no order
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Woody Allen is my favourite writer/director.
I plan to watch all of his movies, but these are the ones I have seen so far. I will keep updating this list when I watch a new movie. Thanks for checking out my list!
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[This list was changed from ''20 best movies i can recall right now'' to ''just some of the movies i like''.]
I can't comment, but if you want you can suggest me to watch some movies!!!
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Some of these may have been good movies, I do not judge, I just did not like them.
I can not comment, so if you ask anything I might not be able to answer...
I am also not insulting anyone who has seen these movies, and if you liked them, that is fine. I am just saying my opinion.