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Ok, so basically, i am much of a Nightmare On Elm Street fan. I love the deaths and such. But basically, it is much like a great horror franchise.
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This is the list that shows you great nostalgic stuff about the greatest guy on FOX.
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To celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Lethal Weapon film series. I will be making a list of the nostalgic installments of the Warner Bros. Pictures' Lethal Weapon series.
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The third-popular and oldest slasher franchise made by New Line Cinema since 1984 which actually, in 2003, they made a collaboration with Paramount to make Freddy vs. Jason.
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I am making this list because i want to discover the origins of the Halloween franchise.
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The best movies i like.
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The second-popular oldest slasher franchise created by Paramount Pictures since 1980.