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"Salem" (2014)
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This show is not only deeply sexist but also unbearably bad written, 9 April 2015

If anyone dares to summarize the show like this: ,,A new take on what may have happened in Salem'' I get furious. Salem was a perfect example of mass-hysteria and now American television comes along and presents the audience with a sexist version on ,how not to handle history'. Everything I saw of this show (and believe me when I say that I watched half way through before I finally gave up) is badly written and centers on a bad-written relationship. Game of Thrones is full of porn and may sometimes be a little bit ,too much' but Salem does this AND forgets to deliver on a plot as well. It looks like something a Twilight fan would write to prove he/she has ,more guts' to show violence and dark magic. Every character behaves so out of role and so inaccurate (time-wise) that I sometimes had to ask myself if the writers opened a history book EVER.

Let's see it this way: If you just care for some exposed breasts and think afroamerican women brought witchcraft to bewitch honest white ladies, then watch this.

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Everyone I love gets a copy of this movie this Christmas!, 17 December 2014

So here's the deal: This movie is more or less a really close look on how "Mary Poppins" went from being a book to being in theaters around the world. While you may won't like this film if you expected something "shocking", you'll see that this may be one of the most emotion-filled/ best written movies since "The King's Speech" - with much better music. Beware of the fact, that this movie deals with some heavy topic (such as alcoholism and shattered expectations on life). I really recommend watching the original "Mary Poppins" before "Saving Mr. Banks" since this filmy heavily refers to scenes from P. L. Traver's/Disney's masterpiece. Expect some really heavy scenes, some good laughter and one of the best soundtracks you have heard in any movie in a long long time.

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Has a good start but looses itself during the progress, 5 July 2014

So "Attack on titan" has been recommended by a friend of mine who has great taste for TV series and naturally I have given it a try. I really loved how the first scenes set the tone for a more "mature" and less chlichéed picture of women I so came to hate about anime (you know .. those animes in which women have so unrealistic huge breats it hurts and they always wear awfully short stuff to show every viewer how desperately lonely the creator of the manga must have felt). The pacing felt right at first and it sure knows how to make you feel excited for some twist which reveals what happened, where the titans come from and so on. Sadly like 6 episodes in you start to realize that while an episode is 24 minutes long roughly 18 of those are wasted on flat emotional melodramtic talking I start to feel Japanese are addicted to. To make things even worse they started adding some unlikeable characters that are not just "unlikeable" for the audience in a clever way but are designed to be unlikeable in a shameful way (yeah, we get it, rich people try to save their goods and sacrifice every normal citizen who comes in their way, the church is evil and there always is a commander who is like insane and needs a psychiatrist right now bla bla). Despite all of those flaws (and I admit that I'm really judging this series a little hard) "Attack on Titan" looks really good and has a imo catching opening music which features the opening line in my own language (german) ... sadly Japanese are no pronouncing experts and so I never got it until I looked it up on the internet ;-P

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Surpassed my expectations, 9 June 2014

If you plan on watching a X-Men movie you expect some cool and latest-technology special effects, some great combat scenes in which mutants with crazy powers use whatever ability they're feeling like and of course some cold-blooded drama that sometimes is based on some real issues society faces (more often the movies ask "How society treats minorities"). X-Men "Days of Future Past" has it all .... and so much more! Almost every line spoken is excellent and deeply important and the team of actresses and actors is absolutely stunning. I can't remember the last time I've seen a movie in which every actor/actress does their absolute best to achieve entertainment on such heights. If I'd want to find a fault in this movie it'd just be how the ending is so big of a plot-twist (which can be foreseen right from the start) that it greatly influences every single X-Men movie you have seen so far. If you like X-Men, you'll love "Days of Future Past".

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If you find medicine interesting you go with House or Scrubs, 28 April 2014

So here's the deal: While I know that the main gripe some people tend to have with this series is the formula that never seems to change (wrong diagnosis over and over until House saves the day) I never actually got bored. Luckily for the viewer there is so much going on in each episode and most of it really made me have a great time. I laugh at some of House's clever schemes and even cry sometimes (most of the time because of some drama-plot-twist or because someone of the main cast "dies" on screen). If you want a more comedic approach to medicine check out Scrubs which is hilarious and - thanks god - doesn't rely on background-laughter. If you want to learn some more about exotic diseases and feel "clever" (which you'll do since you kinda feel like part of the team getting all the inside information) you go with House (wath Scrubs anyways!). I'm often stunned at how far this show has come until it finally ended (with a really worthy final) and I'm happy I stayed with House 'till the end (I'm on my second run 3-4 years after I've watched the first episode for the first time).

If you hate doctors and medicine, this show won't change your opinion (it may even make things worse). But IF this kind of hospital drama is your thing, you will not find a better series out there.

Carnage (2011)
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Best human behavior study that could be reconstructed with less than 50 bucks :D, 13 March 2014

When someone told me what this movie is about I didn't believe him. Of course it used to be a play and therefor the variety of sets can be counted with less than a hand but "Carnage" takes it to the extreme showing just one living room for most of the time. But while you sit there, watching like the first half and feeling "uncomfortable" you suddenly begin to realize how this will eventually turn out.

Watch this movie like this: What would happen if adults would start to say their mind about more or less anything that comes to their minds be it false assumptions, people they want to protect or ideals they try to hold up high. Oh and while you see the first line of their false courtesy crumble, get your popcorn out, this truly is one of Jodie Fosters better emotional roles ;)

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Patrick Jane - madman, psychologist, genius, 2 October 2013

I watched this show since it first came out years ago and plot wise not much has changed. The main premise may gets altered along the way a little but like any television show over the last decades that tried to be successful, The Mentalist is the best example on how to keep their viewers excited although the main plot never ever gets wrapped up more than a few feet at a time. This would be a catastrophe, lame and boring if the main plot would interfere with the normal episodes which (fortunately) it doesn't. Janes normal schedule consists of solving crimes in mostly unexpected ways which makes this series really fun to watch.

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What is everyone so convinced about?!, 21 September 2013

I watched this movie yesterday and it started like any other horror movie in recent years "after a true story", in an old house, unfortunate family and so on. I liked the camera, the angles and the acting of the younger crew but the script wasn't just boring, it was "ordinary". There was absolutely no way you couldn't count down to 3 and expect some shock moment. If I'd have to be honest I wouldn't have dragged all my friends to come see this movie with me. Worst of all, the underlying Christian propaganda message was so obviously strong that I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit. Overall this movie was pretty forgettable .... really sad.

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This movie represents everything that is wrong in modern media, 14 September 2013

I at least give this movie credit for trying and of course producer want money so there is nothing wrong in giving the viewers what they crave for: Really cheesy love-stories, arrogant bad-boys and girls that behave like they can't decide whether they wanna be rude or just girlish. And that's the core: Most of the people in this movie are just RUDE. If you laugh at the opening vomit-scene there is no doubt you will love the rest of this movie but gosh was that scene in bad taste!

Worst part is: The sining is not half-bad! It's the dialogue that drags it down and these chliché group of teenagers whose try desperately to be "special" (which is good) and then fall in the same trap most other modern teenage movies like StepUp3D do.

After so many anabolic-muscles and girlish overacting girls it's just black magic to me that no one seems to question this film's message.

RED 2 (2013)
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Guns, guns everywhere ...., 10 September 2013

So everyone who has seen RED knows exactly what to expect. Awesome line-up of our favorite granddads and grandma going right at their target destroying everything in their path. And while RED's obsession with guns already reached a comedic level, RED2 is inexcusable excessive. There's absolute no wonder that Americans will love a movie with a message like "guns are sexy" and while some of the action-scenes are really good and the main characters are likable as always, this somehow caught me off guard. In this movie there is no punishment for violence whatsoever which is really really bad. Good script and idea, wrong message. Ah yea and the humor isn't all that good compared to the first one.

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