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Rest Stop (2006) (V)
Has its moments, 15 December 2016

Rest Stop

Watched this last night. The film has been around for 10 years. It looked fresh, with a raw style, maybe they over cooked the high contrast from time to time. The cast did a good job. Jaimie Alexander was excellent as the lead female. Camera work too is good, as are the bloody special effects. All in all, first impressions are good.

I would attempt to describe the story, but others here have done so already. Did it make sense? I'm not so sure, as it is one of those types of films. All I will say is, Rest Stop takes place at a Rest Stop, a place in the middle of nowhere, a place to park the car and take a leak in some run down toilets. There is a bad guy, baseball cap wearing, drives a small yellow truck. As far as I could tell, the actions of the truck driver are not made clear. To be honest, the story is not great. Less of a story, more of a situation anyone could find themselves in given the correct mixtures of ingredients.

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Low budget is one thing, but The Cutting Room has nothing to offer., 3 July 2015

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Low budget is one thing, but The Cutting Room has little to nothing to offer.

Take the 3 minute opening credit's sequence - Kubrick started it, Tarantino copied it, as does this film, with it's opening scene that depicts a female on her back tied up, we only see her upper half, in the background a jolly song plays.

To cover for poor camera work, the film makers have gone with the 'we are students learning how to make a movie' concept, rather than the found footage route. Much of the film is as dull as shoot. The remaining 2% isn't much better either and is somewhat Blair Witch inspired, with it's dark building lite by torch. As for the abductor, he look's like a reject from the music group Slipknot. This isn't a spoiler, as he is shown at the start.

The Dark (2005)
Dull., 12 January 2014

The ending worked, I liked that. The journey towards the ending is dull. Acting wise, Sean Bean is good, Sophie Stuckey plays her part well of Sarah the bitchy daughter, but Maria Bello the mother, seemed a bit OTT, in panic mode from the word go.

Reflecting on the comments printed on the DVD cover: "Seriously Scary" "Chilling" "Gripping" I didn't identify with any of them. Harry Potter is more scary.

Not recommended.

I'm struggling to find more words to write, as they would only be negative. IMDb requires a minimum of 10 lines of text per review.

Seeing as the film takes on a Cliff side in Wales, complete with a single house, there is a sense of budget limitations. This should not be an excuse, as I've seen some excellent films that use very few locations.

I must have watched this film at least 5 times., 5 January 2014

I must have watched this film at least 5 times.

From time to time there is a definite feeling of humor, all be it dark. There is also a sense of warmth between the three characters, united by what they do, which brings them together.

I always remember my first attempt at watching a hole in my heart, and switching it off in less than 10 minutes. Not because I was shocked or discussed'ed, but by the sheer visual audio rawness of the film.

I'm quite open minded, but anyone who watches a hole in my heart, and expects a glossy film with a beginning, middle and end, will probably be disappointed. The film takes a lot of perseverance and energy to sit through.

There is so much going on, with each new viewing I spot something new.

The film stars a total of four characters, one of whom spends 99% of the time in his bedroom, secluded. Three characters, as they say themselves, are two losers hanging out with one looser.

Beyond the laughter, the togetherness, there's also a sense of sadness, a group of people with issues.

The DVD contains a making of. It shows Lukas Moodysson with his crew in the apartment with the actors, and the actors being told to get on with it, they not really knowing what is expected of them or what to do. This leading to frustration. Any useful footage captured obviously wound up in the final cut, and gives the film it's reality feel. There must have been moments, more controlled moments where scripts were supplied.

Love Liza (2002)
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10/10 for Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance, 6 January 2013

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10/10 for Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance.

Love Liza isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Maybe enjoy is the wrong word. The film tells the story of Wilson Joel (Hoffman) dealing with the tragic death of his wife (she blew her brains out). Wilson looses the plot, sniffs gas, and is advised to take time off from work (as a web designer). Hoffman plays the part so well, the film ultimately feels heavy, almost draining at times. There's other time throughout the film Wilson's mental state actually made me laugh. For example, there's a scene where Wilson goes to a radio controlled boat race event, and ends up jumping into the lake to go for a swim, all the while really not being aware of how bizarre his behaviour looks to others.

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Really enjoyable film. Totally unpredictable., 29 December 2012

Really enjoyable film. Totally unpredictable. I had read other people's views on how the camera work is rough / shaky etc - I didn't find this to be the case. Sure there are some scenes, mostly set outside that are a little shaky, but this added to the atmosphere. During the making of we learn that this is Director Andrés Waissbluth first film, which makes it even more amazing. Antonella Ríos who plays Gracia, the girl on the DVD cover with the shaving foam covering her bits, is just so damn sexy. IMDb reveals she did a lot of TV work after, but no films. That makes no sense. All the cast, which isn't that big, do a great job, and really take the viewer to that place, the bar, the house etc. I had my reservations before buying Los Debutantes, buy now I know I should have watched it much sooner. Now it's time to check out the other work from Andrés Waissbluth .