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Halloween (1978)
Not scary one bit, 5 September 2016

I just saw this movie for the first time, as a 29 years old adult. There was nothing scary about it. The gore was cheap and unrealistic. The situations were awkward. Some things are magically opened and pushed while there was nothing in the story that suggested supernatural forces. Is Myers possessed by a demon, or is he a psychopath? Is he immortal? The unknown can make a character creepier, but that's not the case with Michael, because he isn't well grounded in reality. I think this movie was a money-grabber when it came out. Carpenter is a brilliant director and this movie just doesn't feel like any of his other works. To those who haven't watched this as kids, trust me, it's not worth watching it now as adults. Go watch any other film by Carpenter.

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Made Just For You, 14 November 2009

You compromise good taste if you pay to see a crappy film just because it's a piñata full of eye-candy. Buying the ticket translates to "I want more of the same", which feeds the Hollywood anus to excrete more of the same unoriginal crap movies with offensively gigantic plot holes, and jokes that used to be funny in third grade. If you compromise a good story for beautiful special effects, you are automatically refusing to see a movie that has both a great plot and marvelous special effects. Yes, imagine if you had movies that had *both* of these elements. Well, you can't, because you are an easy to please idiot. I can't blame Hollywood; they manufacture what the market wants. You loved Transformers 2; they made it just for you. You waste your money on fecal matter and you've learned to enjoy swallowing it, because they put lots of butter on it.

Zebraman (2004)
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this movie sucks, 20 January 2005

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I'm a huge fan of Miike's work and I think he made this movie to mock at his usual audience. He knew one would think "wow, that sure will be some twisted interesting film" so he made the most-cliché movie ever instead of that. That's the thing I like about Miike, he always changes and surprises his fans. If we start with the vision - the movie has some interesting stuff shot. That's a plus for it. Even though the budget had been low, the work is done nice here. Except for the ALIENS - What the hell?! They reminded me of The Flabbers! The music sucked like a hooker. At one time I almost threw up. The plot is the worst part of the film. I almost fell asleep till the end. So stupid, so predictable... And where did all the super powers come to that loser teacher? We see him normal and after a second he has all the super punches and kicks and he even teaches himself to fly?!? And that handicapped kid and his mother. One would think that Zebraman is a pedophile, and then other would think that he cheats on his wife with the cripple's mother. The whole movie is pathetic. I wish I never watched it. I think even my dumb-ass brother who likes Virtual Rangers wouldn't like this Zebraman movie!

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Unoriginal and untrue., 4 May 2004

I am from Bulgaria and I'd like to say that the film is not linked to the reality in here. Everything is exaggerated and I think the movie is made just to lower Bulgaria's image in front of the world. The script writer has nothing Bulgarian in him. Nevertheless, Krustio Lafazanov ruled!

Bulgaria's movie industry is going nowhere, I don't see a difference between that movie and a Bulgarian movie before 10 years. Nothing's changed.

There were good movies in the past that had sense in them, although the budget had been low.