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My most anticipated films for the remainder of the year.
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Just a list of actors I think should be in the upcoming Expendables sequel. A couple of these guys had cameos in the first, but that ain't enough for them!
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In light of finally having seen Part I of the Deathly Hallows, I decided to rate the films. Enjoy.
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The films I've seen in 2011, from best to worst.
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I saw a list similar to this a couple days ago and thought it was an interesting concept, so I decided to give it a shot myself. Just a list of films I've given an 9 or 10 sorted by grade first, then alphabetically.
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Current because, like always, it is subject to change.
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Some Marvel series did not get it right the first time, but deserve another chance.
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A list of movie sequels that should never have been made for obvious reasons...
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My 15 most anticipated films for the remainder of 2011, starting today onward.
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A list of 2010 films I've seen, rated from best to worst.