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I Love Michael as so many countless others!!, 20 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have always loved Michael since the first time I heard him in 6th grade English when we studied Phantom. This concert shows Michael in all his excellence.

He sings to perfection as always, tells stories between songs that are humorous but touching.

Sings a lovely Irish piece dedicated to his late Grandmother, Edith Kathleen O'Keath "Nan" as he called her.

Caught this on PBS when it first showed, and had to tape it while it was showing! I got the DVD when it came out, and I still watch it! I have all of Michael's CD's, his VHS "Touch Of Music In The Night" and truly love them all!! Mike is a true sincere genius in all he does! God bless you Michael!

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Spoilers A very tough series finale to watch!, 25 August 2007

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I agree with the first review that this episode has Michael in probably his worst situation yet. Michael gets near-fatally shot while trying to capture some villains at the very beginning. These guys are ruthless, and will not stop till Michael is out of the picture.

While in the hospital, Michael nearly gets strangled by one of the main villains partners. Michael falls into a deep depression, and considers if he should continue with his life as a crime fighter, or leave the foundation.

At giving Michael some hope during his depression, Devon reunites Michael with his wife as Michael Long, Stevie.

Reunited, Michael realizes Stevie is meant for him, and the gap between them getting married is the foundation.

So he leaves the foundation so he can leave the fear of fighting crime behind him, and so he and Stevie can get married.

The same man at the beginning also attempts to blow up Michael's and Stevie's beach house with a remote-control airplane with explosives on it meant to kill both of them. But with a quick reaction from KITT to warn Michael that if the plane continues on the path it is heading for, it will explode into the house. Michael bee-lines it yelling for Stevie to "get out there". They both nearly miss getting blown up with the house by just hitting the beach right before the plane makes contact.

Stevie and Michael get married, but the marriage comes to a nasty and brutal end when Stevie gets shot and killed while taking a fatal bullet meant for Michael. The man who's shot Stevie took for Michael was from the man Michael got near fatally shot at in the beginning.

Crying and in tears begging for Stevie not to leave him, Stevie slips away.

Devon and RC try to catch him, but the villain is to quick. He hops in a van with his partners firing guns out the back of the van!!! All in a rage and with fiery anger in his eyes, Michael refuses help from the Foundation in catching these guys. He is destined for revenge to the man who murdered his wife, and who was still out for him.

Michael looking deadly, and not to be messed with finds the place where the main villain and his partners are hiding out thanks to Devon and Bonnie giving them an address from looking up research on the guy.

Michael burns rubber into the place, gets out of KITT, runs after the guy and tackles him.

Michael with his rage and anger, proceeds to beat the living hell out of the guy in cold blood.

KITT racing over demands Michael to stop beating the guy up, or he will not be able to live with himself.

Michael then picks him up, and slams him against the wall saying that if he's lucky, he will be executed after the trial, but if he's not executed he will watch his life slip away behind the mirror of a prison cell.

Then we see Michael on the beach feeding the birds, realizing his home is the foundation with Bonnie, KITT, RC, Devon. And so off him and KITT drive into the sunset.

This episode was certainly a great episode filled with action, sadness, ear, anger, and a side of Michael we have not seen yet throughout the series. We see Michael at his ruthless trying to get deadly revenge on a killer who murdered his wife, and was out for him.

And this episode was indeed the series finale but was not aired as the last episode which it should have been because it was in fact the series finale.

What is in fact aired as the last episode was Voodoo Knight which was a silly non serious episode that dealt with Voodoo. It was obviously not meant as the finale as it offered no closure to the show.

Scent Of Roses which did air in the middle of the season should of aired when Voodoo Night aired as the very last episode.

This episode is what made Knight Rider end with a bang,and sets us up for Michael's retirement time which we will see in the following movie Knight Rider 2000, in which apparently IMDb users hate. As I do too!

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Very depressed man who wants to see the good in Christmas!, 26 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

BIG SPOILERS- THIS GIVES AWAY THE WHOLE MOVIE JUST ABOUT! We start with the opening lines of "Twas The Night Before Christmas" looking onto a house.Brandon Maggart is Harry Stadling. On Christmas Eve of 1947, him and his brother watch as Santa comes down the chimney with presents. It is Harry and his brother Phil's Dad in disguise. They then rush off to bed, but Harry decides to run back downstairs for one last peek at Santa, and is shocked to see what he sees: his mom fondling Santa..

This disturbs Harry so much, he plans on making the season of Christmas forever pure. Flash forward to an adult, we see Harry sleeping in a silk Santa suit, Christmas garb all over his apartment, Christmas music, and he keeps lists of children who are naughty and nice in a good and bad book..and paints a sleigh on his van....

He works at a toy factory as a toy maker supervisor, and complains when the toys they make are of inferior quality. His employees do not care about the quality but just about getting payed or laid off. They do not see the good tidings that Harry has, and that makes Harry very angry, and makes him reflect back on that Christmas eve of 1947...

All the people who mock Harry of his overly-devotion to the Christmas Holiday and mock him as being the truest Santa of all are bound to get hurt...Harry makes himself a perfect Santa Suit and takes toys from the factory to deliver to the needy children at the hospital...

One of the employees at Harry's work especially ticks him off at a Christmas Party by saying that there are not enough toys for all the children of the hospital, and the employee does not really give a darn.

So later Harry proceeds to where the man goes to church, and waits for everyone to come out, and two men proceed to make fun of him, and mock him, so he stabs the one in an eye with a toy soldiers staff, and uses an Axe to Axe another guys head, then speeds off..

The children are very favorable to him, and genuinely see him as good and the real deal..the only bad child's name is Moss Garcia who basically has "impure thoughts" as Harry quotes. So Harry gives him a bag of dirt for Christmas..

For the kids he does encounter in the street, he gives them presents...

There is really only one other death, and he smothers another employee of his work with his Santa sack of toys, and then slits his neck with an ornamental star...

Near the end after a failed Santa line-up at jail to find the right Santa, a mob of people form to track him down with torches. Harry's Santa suit trim is grayish and not white as a ordinary suit looks....

Harry stops at his brother Phil's to tell him why he did what he did, and states that Phil(Harry's brother) "never believed in Santa, and I wanted to prove you wrong all my life that there is indeed a Santa, and that's why I chose to become him!"...

Phil now sees his brother is clearly nuts and must be stopped once and for all, so he proceeds to choke Harry..Harry goes done but not for long. Phil drags him outside to the van, and puts him into his van. A few minutes later, Harry wakes up, and decks his brother one before speeding away one last time. Phil who recovers quickly after that jab to the face goes running after his brother who makes his getaway in the van!!! Harry driving along sees the mob of people with torches attempted to stop him. Instead, Harry drives his van and himself off a bridge thereby killing himself, as his brother trying to catch him slips down a snowbank...

Last shot we see of Harry is his sleigh painted van flying in to the night to Harry's closing voice-over "but I heard him exclaim as he drove out of site, "Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night!" Although Harry does crash when he drives off the bridge, it is not actually shown, but we hear the sound effect of his van the same time he crashes, we see Harry's brother Phil slip down the snowy hill into a pile of boxes and trash. The sound of Phil hitting the trash and the sound of Harry crashing happen at the same time, so it's very confusing as to what we actually hear due to the editing of the sound...

Also, when Harry flies off in the air, that is in Harry's mind. That's how Harry wanted to believed to be..the ultimate Santa in his sleigh flying away in the night sky..but in reality he crashes killing himself...

I liked this movie. Not so much horror, but more like the story of a man who wanted to prove that the Holiday Season is to be holy and filled with wonder and joy, and not to be looked at as dirty, tainted, and not taken seriously...


Clownhouse (1989)
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Another review about a movie that does not clown around..., 22 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This has been reviewed many times, so I will keep it short. 3 kids are home alone for the night: Randy, Jeffry, Casey while their parents are out for the evening. One of the kids, Casey hates and is very fearful of clowns. The oldest boy, Randy sees that the circus is in town and insists that Casey and Jeffry go..against Casey's wishes because there will be clowns!

Before the show they visit a fortune teller who gives him(Casey) a frightening prediction of what is to come..

Casey and his brothers enter the tent of the big top, and one of the clowns beckons him to come over to him, Casey nodding his head no, ignores him. But during the show, the clowns need a 4th person to help him in their act. The main clown, Cheezo picks the freaked out Casey. He screams and runs out of the tent crying...

3 mental patients have escaped the loony bin and go to the circus. They steal the clowns outfits after their performance, and make them their own to wear. They then stalk the 3 kids at their home that night while the parents are out....

From then on, it's the kids trying to outwit the clowns, and finding ways to kill them. There are some moments that leave you in suspense sort of, but not big-time scary! There is no blood and no swearing..

This might be good watching if you do not know what to watch on any night..or thunderstorm by yourself with lights off on Friday night before bed!

Happy viewing!

Party Line (1988)
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A mediocre movie with Leif Garret as a razor-bladed murderer!!, 22 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I have seen this movie a few times already. It's not bad, and it's not good either. It's not horror, but more like a "catch the villain" film.. This movie is about numerous people who call a 900, or 976 no. to chat to strangers for fun and entertainment. One of the people that call to listen in is actually a villain who sets up other men callers with his sister..and then things get action packed fast! The men who get set up by the villainous caller to meet his sister get slashed with a razor, thereby getting murdered..and the villainous caller is named Seth played by Leif Garrett.

A cop and this blonde lady are assigned to track down this madman who loves murdering with a razor! 2 teens who often call in to the Party Line often hear the killer, Seth's voice. So they are able to help the cop and blond lady track him down...

The sister of the killer is not really much of a killer herself. I think she is just there to lure the men to date her so Seth can kill them...and Seth indeed kills his sister by strangling her after she speaks illy of him...

A few parts confuse me. Why did Leif put on a wedding dress and start whining to his sister about how much he needs her?? And also, why is he so attached to his sister? It looks like he treats his sister like his sister is his girlfriend..

Anyway, a good way to pass the time might be to watch this movie. Not blood splattering, but a few small streaks of blood. This is sort of a suspense, action type bad-guy film...

And there is a good lesson to be learned too:: Never meet people who you talk to on a 900 number alone. Always carry a few friends along when meeting strangers from a Party Line. Enjoy!

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Captivating, Heartwarming, Inspirational, Sad, Brilliant, Intense, 18 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I received the DVD of Voice In Exile!! There is so much I love about it.. The quiet piano music to emphasize the mood...The background voices we hear at the start....of phrases stuttering people are familiar with...

It was a combination of documentary, horror, drama, and inspiration....!! The idea of walking a plank high above the ground looking down is scary itself, but it also symbolizes the fear and frustration for the stutterer..

And the symbolism of walking the plank on the long grass represent "no problem" speech..But the "bars" over the main characters mouth was sort of an unusual, silly but imaginary comparison showing that stuttering is a barrier!!

The anger he felt when he threw the phone against the wall in frustration of getting off it with Gail to ask her on a date!! The motivational speech he gave for his father!!

The classmates bitterly making fun of him... How time seems to stop as he stutters what he wants in the cafeteria...How he can't even speak on the phone to 911 to save his grandfather's life!!

There are so many reasons I really loved this movie-- but the above are just a few!!!! The actor who played Alan (Ben Bottoms)was so real, one would think the one portraying him (Ben B.)stuttered in real life!!

The credits say Ben Bottoms played the very realistic role of Alan Woodward!! Fantastic , and realistic!! There is only one flaw with this movie---It's not long enough -- I want a sequel or a show spin off!!! Or a mini-series!!!

This movie is perfect in every respect!!! I just wish it was not 30 minutes!!! 30 minutes feels like an episode of a TV show...But a 2 hour "Voice Of Exile" movie would be the ticket!!! This is the ultimate keeper!!! Where's "Voice In Exile 2"!!!!!!

Can't recommend this mini-film enough!! That scene of Alan falling off the plank high off the ground represented the defeat and failure caused by the stuttering!! It was all to real for anyone!!

Those with speech problems and trying to communicate when it's very tough and not fun should see this!!

Condensed SNDN -- or SNDN 1.5, 5 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILERS-- but we all know them anyway!!!

Everything to say about this movie has been said.. I just finished watching this for the first time- and could not stop laughing... Seems like he had a sarcastic cocky remark for everything the doctor was asking... he seemed so bored and care-free!!!

This guy was a total clown-- yeah he made a few murders, but it was hard to take him seriously while he was murdering!!!

This guy was like Freddy Krueger without his claw, and red and white striped sweater , and all the funny one-liners!!!!

Seems like he was playing shooting gallery also!!! One person walks out of the house, and he just nails him with one shot for no reason, at total random....!!!!

When he's at mother superiors house, the way he laughs was hilarious, he seems a little to ax -happy taking out the TV!!!!

Like I said, all the above has mostly already been mentioned by the other reviewers-- so it's unanimous!!!

"Garbage Day-- bang, bang, then spins the gun and giggles!!"

And of course, about the whole movie is a replay of SNDN- with Ricky comments--

This movie should of had been 1.5 and not SNDN was to darn a recoil of SNDN 1....

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holiday fun!, 31 October 2004

I have always enjoyed these "Charlie Brown" specials as

I called them...It always tells me a holiday will be coming shortly when i watch this on television. there is a weird quality to these specials...they are children oriented, but they seem to have a lot of strong messages

behind them for anyone of any Linus's speech

about Massasoit--a young one who loves his blanket and

sucks his thumb, and to be so smart is like an oxymoron, a mature child..I'm sure we can all relate to one of the

characters in a way!

burning hugs!!!!!!, 18 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I just ordered this Video from Ebay-- I barely remember renting this from Video King like 6 years ago--- the only thing that struck me as odd was the quiet credits-- it's an all black screen with the credits, usually movies have background music on end credits, but this movie and "Carnage" have quiet credits--


The end was kind of stupid - with the baby shown with black fingernails, and that high stringish noise supposedly to "shock" us-- added to the stupidish--

These kids on the bus drive through a yellow cloud, and then start burning people on contact--- i know it's a movie- but the idea of getting burned from a child on contact seems very unrealistic, and very funny!!!

I only wonder what the 5 children did after this movie was finished!!! The children seemed to be all in one movie, and that was this, and not any movies after!!!!!!!!

Good for laughs though....

Relentless (1989)
JUDD as a Villain, 31 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I just got this from good old Ebay---- VHS -- and ordered the DVD of E-bay -- good movie with Judd in it who plays a total opposite from goof ball John Bender!!!! Here, he is a serial killer who picks people at random from the phone book with the same name as his, and murders them in creative ways-----

1- strangles lady with piano wire 2- shoots cop multiple times in heart 3- makes a guy stab himself through chest- not before strangling him with arm around neck first! 4- man gets punched in the back while uncorking a wine bottle, Judd then takes the wine corker and "uncorks" his neck--- very hard to explain the above murder-- i guess because it's so creative and unusual but it does give Judd's character satisfaction knowing he's dead I guess....

We also see Judd's character have flashbacks of his father who was a policeman who had Judd's character do vigorous "training drills"--

Two detectives , Diets and Malloy are assigned to track him down, but are hindered by Judd's "cocky" remarks left on the victim's

dead body's--

If you like Judd and want to see him play a darker role as a

bad-guy villain go watch, but everyone likes what they like...

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