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Bring a box of Kleenex, 10 October 2014

I'm glad I saw this movie alone. It's kinda embarrassing for a guy to be crying at a movie.

A relationship builds between the two characters (Rossum and Swank) that goes far beyond acting. I judge a movie by how much I care about what happens to the characters. This movie did not disappoint.

At times, the movie is funny; at times, it's all you can do to not sob out loud. No spoilers here -- you'll have to let the plot build up around you.

As the closing credits roll, try to listen to the words of the song. Dry your eyes so you can see who's singing it.

One Chance (2013)
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If you were ever bullied as a kid...this movie is for you, 5 July 2014

Other reviews for this movie (from "professional" reviewers) all point out how shallow this movie is when it comes to showing the feelings Paul is having at the various things that happen to him throughout his life. This may very well be the case. But this movie was not made to be a Doctoral Thesis on the effects of bullying. Rather, it was made to show how, once a young man becomes a coward in his youth, it is almost impossible to overcome later in life. The scene in the alley (when the chick comes to his rescue with the guitar) shows how, as an adult, Paul could only get the barest semblance of rage at his life-long tormentor, even though he had all the reason in the world to go ballistic. After losing his voice, he was unwilling to take a chance at being ridiculed by an audience, so he almost didn't even fill-in the form for Britain's Got Talent. He almost didn't go on stage (several times).

There must be a lot of kids getting bullied in England for their love of opera. Just this year, there was another case -- Lucy Kay -- who went through the same torture. She finished second, and has been signed by Simon Cowell personally for one of his labels.

Yes, this movie will not win an Oscar -- or even play in any American theaters -- but you need to see it. If you bullied fellow school mates when you were young, you might want to go find those now-grown-up kids and apologize. If you were bullied, this movie will inspire you.

"SAF3" (2013)
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The rating is earned, 13 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK I gave it a watch. Previous reviews were bad, but sometimes I've liked things others haven't. Not in this case. It's not a question of bad writing OR bad acting. It's case of bad writing AND bad acting. And why? Well, if you cast Dolph Lundgren as the star, you won't get anyone of quality to sign on. This may save money on production costs, but it dooms a series from the start. So, you end up with a bunch of kids who can't act, adults who can't act, and probably girlfriends of the producers, cast for their "jiggle". Remember, this is from the folks who brought you "Bay Watch". I will never say anything bad about JR Martinez. He deserves our thanks and praise as a war hero. But he shouldn't act. It's embarrassing to see him used this way -- just like the way they used Audie Murphy after WWII. The best job of the first episode was turned in by Donnigan. He managed to die, so he doesn't have to make any more episodes.

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At least CTV had the smarts to renew this, 25 June 2013

"Saving Hope" is NOT the best TV show in history. That being said, I'm hard-pressed to find a better current show. I'm not one to get emotional over a TV show, but last season had some episodes that I watched 3 and even 4 times. The combination of plot, acting, and the background music hit chords that rang solid emotionally. I was elated when he came out of the coma, and I was happy for her that her life could continue. Then, NBC cancelled the show (or at least didn't list it as renewed for 2013.

Now, it pops up on CTV. And the first episode picked right up emotionally where last season ended. It's appropriate that he has some new abilities, and this could become an even better show. I'm back to awaiting each new episode. Let's hope it can continue.

This show is not to be missed.

Airspeed (1999)
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You gotta be kidding me, 28 May 2013

Many movies have earned the title of "Worst..." acting, directing, writing, casting, or special effects. Well...this one wins in ALL categories. The premise is preposterous. The acting is horrendous. The special effects are non-existent -- and covered up by badly-lit night-time scenes. It's a good thing Elisha Cuthbert grew into a great body, because she couldn't get far with the level of acting here. Joe Mantegna looks like he's trying to find the emergency exit -- from the film! All in all, this would have been a great "After School Movie" designed to empower tweener girls that they, too, can solve all the problems in the world -- world peace, landing airliners, well you get the idea. If I were Joe Mantegna, I'd remove this film from my resume'.

"It" (1990)
After all these years--still an icon, 9 October 2012

It is now 2012. Every now and then, one cable station or another will dedicate 2 nights to broadcasting this again. And, the over-night ratings show that people still watch. In Los Angeles recently, it won its time slot -- both nights! Now let's look at the social impact this film has had. Television shows and other movies reference "IT" any time there is a reference to someone being afraid of clowns. Let's face it, sports fans, Tim Curry is the worst (best) clown in history. He carries the movie. In the TV show "Haven", the camera followed a little boy sailing a boat down a storm-swollen gutter to a drain. People all over the country had to be cringing when the kid reached into the drain to get his boat back. I knew a woman several years ago who refused to have a clown at her kid's birthday party because she remembered "IT" and Pennywise. Irrational? Sure. Unreasonable? Who knows. Why take a chance? If you've never seen this movie before...where ya been? Rent it, pop some popcorn, and LEAVE ALL THE LIGHTS ON AND THE DOORS LOCKED.

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Writers wanted!!, 23 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We all have our favorite actors. Every now and then, we are reminded that writing a script is more than just putting actors in front of a camera. Let's review: I love Bruce Willis movies. He usually has a wry sense of humor, clever observations, and cool ways of fighting the bad guys (even if they have to use stunt doubles most of the time). I like Sigourney Weaver. She can be elegant, evil, or clueless. She always seems to "Sell the part."

Not in this movie. This kid who plays the son trying to figure things out and rescue Mommy...well, he has facial reactions that run the gamut from A to B. He always looks horrified. To his credit, no matter how hard and often they hit him in the face, he never gets any more cuts than he started out with. Between lines, he stands there like he's trying to remember what to do or say next.

Bruce lasts about 20 minutes, and his death is just...there. One shot. He falls down. He never moves again. And, his son just looks at him. Bad writing, but mostly bad directing.

Sigourny looks like your worst nightmare as a grandma gone bad. She must have a bad hip, because she barely gets into and out of cars and doorways. I don't ridicule the infirm, except when they should know better.

As a monumental waste of time, this movie is a prize winner. That $10 million worth of theater tickets were sold for this crap tells me that the star names dragged 'em in. I wonder how many walked out before the end?

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Hot new show, 24 June 2012


I used TWW because, yes, this too is an Aaron Sorkin tour-de-force.

Imagine your most idealized concept of how news SHOULD be reported. Now, imagine any news service (network or cable) who would actually report the news. Now, put someone in charge who will clean house and hire people who will actually do their jobs, without regard to ratings or demographics.

Aw, forget it. That only happens on T.V. Usually HBO. Wait!! This IS HBO!! And, when that oil rig in the gulf blows out, only a couple of people see the true potential of the consequences of that explosion. And they just happen to be well-connected enough to get on-the-record statements from people who are in positions to know what they're talking about. Like the people who would become known to all of us soon while the greatest oil spill in history gets out of control, but also gets spun to everyone's benefit.

But this show is NOT about the spill. It's about a group of highly- qualified people coming together to produce a news show that actually dispenses NEWS. I have great hope for future episodes. I even watched this first episode twice. Great show.

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The truly valuable things in our lives, 11 May 2012

I saw this movie when it first came out. If not for the comedic scenes early on, I might have fallen asleep. I'm glad I didn't. We don't often see movies that have dialog as real as this one. This ensemble cast The heart-breaking reunion and the final graduation scene are forever stamped into my memory. And the real meaning of "With Honors" will remain with me for all time. Years later, I still have several pebbles in a bag representing MY fondest memories. This is a movie for everyone. I have acquired many movies over the years, but this is still one of my all-time favorites. Only Brendan and Joe have gone on to "stardom", but the rest of the cast makes their roles possible and memorable

One Day (2011)
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Oscar-Worthy, 18 November 2011

I don't like "smarmy" romances. This isn't one of those. It not only seems real and taken from real life, it's from MY life. I don't want to give away anything, but the bike scene raised spontaneous gasps and screams from the audience. At that point, the predictable,formulaic love story took a ninety degree turn. This is the kind of movie you go to when you want to see real people interacting in real ways. No CGI here. The actors and director deserve special mention, especially in this era of car chases (there are none) explosions to end the world (none of these, either), and walking zombies (sorry to disappoint ya -- none of these). People looking for year-end lists of award-worthy movies should include this one. Bring tissues.

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