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Alex Cross (2012)
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Stay Away !, 15 December 2012

To begin I have watched tons of movies in the past years out of which many were really bad. However, this is the first time I am reviewing a movie and if you watched it you surely understand why. I got this movie from a friend and I went out to read the reviews before watching it, as I usually do. Although I had the feeling it's going to be a bad picture and I postponed watching it as long as possible, I gave it a try on a boring Thursday evening. My opinion: DREADFUL. The screenplay is the worst I've ever seen. There is absolutely nothing exciting, entertaining or even interesting. To me, it looks as if it was written by a toddler. Friendly advice : do not watch it under any circumstances!

After seeing this, I went to borrow Kiss the Girls, basically the older version of Alex Cross. There is no possible comparison between these two movies, and I honestly think that Morgan Freeman deserved better. Tyler Perry should stick to Madea as it suits him much better.

1 out of 10 !