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Many of these films have faded from the media since release, but are very good films worthy of viewing again. Give them a try.
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I have yet to see a film of his I didn't like. I hope to see more to add to this list. I am currently hunting down Sabrina. I love Billy Wilder's films, and so will you.
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WARNING: This list could make a few of us feel old, lol. :) I was a huge Bugs Bunny fan, so he reigns eternal, but here are some other faves from the vault of memories.
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A list of films that were a disappointment to me--by my opinion. I have disengaged comments on this list to ward off abuse. We all have opinions, and by my opinion, these movies weren't that great.
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These films do not fall into my favorites or best list, but they are very good, absorbing movies, and I recommend them to all IMDB users. :) They were good enough I would watch them again and still enjoy them.
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A list of classics I enjoyed that are wonderful in their own right, but don't make the favorites list. Enjoy the watch!
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I welcome comments on this list, but please be respectful. I am not attacking any of these films, only sharing an opinion. Most of these were very good movies, but I feel the media overrated them.
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Musicals are an acquired taste for some, but for the others, they are an inborn joy. I have been a fan of musicals for as long as I can remember--more often than not, they are mood boosters, and they put a huge smile on the face of the people who appreciate them. Elaborate dance numbers, glorious songs, and joyous fun. Musicals were very important during the Great Depression--they made people happy and took their minds off of the dark times. I have a deep, ever-growing respect for them myself, and they bring my spirits up on a bad day better than any other temporary fix. They may not be for everyone, but they are certainly special in their own right.
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Cary Grant will always be the love of my stinks that I love a dead man. HAHA. Here's a few of my favorite Grant films...mmmm...heaven.
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It's new favorite classic film star is Audrey Hepburn, a star I never glanced at before.
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This list is a compliation of some of my personal favorites that I will never grow tired watching, and consider many of them to be some of the best films ever made.
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There's some good ones in this list, and some that are even legendary.
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My all-time favorite classic leading lady. I hope to see more of her films in the future and continue adding to this list.
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My top five Kelly favorites.
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A list of personal favorites.
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I cannot watch without busting out laughing. They have the stuff.
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Any I missed? Comment. Some of these stars grew to have enduring careers behind the camera into adulthood and are still acting today, others faded out of public view after a while to lead everyday lives. I grew up on many of them, so they hold a special place in my heart whereever they are now. :)

The ones in this list were my favorites. Did you have one?
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A to F ratings show how much I liked this film. I am a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but as much as I like her, I have to say she has released her fair share of stinkers just like every other star. They all have a few--her worst was All About Steve. I hated it.
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Some I liked more than others, but I'll watch anything with this actor. I am crazy about him. Being a lesser known, except for Citizen Cane, which I have never seen, he deserves more credit as an actor.
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