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I'm not saying these movies are any good, but there's a good amount of math, mathematicians, or math teachers.
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Well done period films or TV series.
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War movies that I like.

This is one of the few genres of film that I usually stay away from, so I thought I would list the one's I really like. I came up with a bigger list than I thought.

List is in date order.
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These are movie where after I've watched them, I need to take time to think about what I'd just seen. Some of these movies even had me feel like I'd missed something and needed to see them again.

I'm not claiming that these movies are all good. But they all had me thinking.
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Here is a list of films that center around faith in Jesus.
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These are modern adaptions of Jane Austen's books. I'm also adding movies inspired by Austen's books.
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some lines you just can't get out of your head.
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List of movies where the good guy doesn't make it at the end.

I was watching the Film "The Negotiator" where there's a conversation about the movie "Shane" and the fact that the character dies at the end. This got me to thinking, and building this list.
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This is a list of movies with trains crashing, blowing up, or whatever havoc.

I've tried to give the best trainwrecks, derailments, explosions, over the cliff, off the bridge, train going into the river, etc. the top spot.
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Because I had a hard time thinking of any male actors with red hair.
(In no particular order)
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All the movies I could think of where archery and arrows are used as a main part of the action.
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Since we seem to have a fascination with the superhero, I've tried to create a complete list here.

A superhero has to have something to make him/her super. Usually defined as possessing "extraordinary or superhuman powers" and dedicated to protecting the public, I've expanded the definition since someone like Batman doesn't have any powers but is still considered a superhero. So someone who has extra gadgets, a cape, or powers.

No cartoons, just live action superhero movies - in order by date.
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A list of movies featuring the submarine. These movies either take place on the submarine or the submarine is a part of the storyline.
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I'm sure you've watched a movie thinking it's awsome only to discover that it's a remake and the other movie(s) are even greater. This is my list of movies that were done better the 2nd or even 3rd time around. I've heard rumors of some remakes for the next year or so including: Flash Gorden, Romancing The Stone, and Westworld.
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Have you ever noticed that most mars movies seem to be generally bad movies. Here's a list of decent mars movies worth watching.
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Shakespear that has been updated or retold.