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The Most Beautiful Women of the new Century and beyond in Entertainment!
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The Internet Movie Database Version of A List depicting the most beautiful Talented, and Amazing Women in the World.

All Women Born in the United States & the Americas this Stretches to Asians, Hispanic/Latinos, Indians (East & West Indians) Carribeans (whom also proven to have Afro/Black Orgins) are a Factor for this List and is Technical and Fact so in due Time the List should make sense to you.

NOTE: This is only a list and not a ranking, so please don't be angry if your favorite African-American Celeb, Entertainer,Politician, etc isn't listed as high as you would like them to be.

This list is a Work-In-Progress.
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Top listing of the most Beautiful Women in TV/Movies
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Movies in which you would root for the bad guy, and they actually win in the end.
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A List of Rastafarians that are from USA...NOTE You do not have to be from the Caribbean or Africa alone to be a Rastafarian.
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The Top 20 Best, Baddest, and most Beautiful Curvy Women in Show Business all in one list.
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Working list and wont be finished in a while.
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My Personal Favourite Film list