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We all know De Niro, Hoffman, Washington, Streep, Pacino etc are great actors, so that would be a boring list... Here are the guys I'm guaranteed to enjoy watching in every movie, regardless of how good it is.
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A list of so called "brilliant" directors whose work habitually gets bafflingly high scores on RottenTomatoes, and yet makes me want to pull my own eyes out. It's not in any particular order, apart from Wes Anderson being No.1.

And in case you're wondering, here's a list of some of my favorite directors: guys who actually know how to make interesting movies with characters you actually give a *beep* about.

Woody Allen
George Stevens
James C Strouse
Stanley Kubrick
Edward Burns
Mark Duplass
Denis Villeneuve
Alfred Hitchcock
Billy Wilder
Frank Capra
Quentin Tarantino (although he seems to have lost the plot since Kill Bill)
Lynn Shelton
Sergio Leone
Alexander Payne
Sidney Lumet
Francois Truffaut
Noah Baumbach
Paul Thomas Anderson (although I don't know what he was thinking with Inherent Vice)
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Pretentious BS filmmaking at its finest...

This list is in no particular order; I struggled to stay awake during all of them (and often failed.) Avoid at all costs; unless you enjoy this sort of thing, or suffer from insomnia.
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This list is for actors who are annoying in movies, rather than annoying in real life. In which case it'd be about 10 times as long. In no particular order...