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On the Fence, 26 April 2011

I decided to watch the show because I am a big fan of Jeri Ryan, but I have found that she has yet to play a significant role in the series. The show so far lacks any personal information about the characters besides Dr. Hunt. Also is missing that emotional depth that is required for any good series. I have watched several of the episodes so far, but nothing has grasped my attention to make me want to watch every week. Body of Proof is definitely not the best crime or even medical related show I have seen and it lack originality. The series is like a mesh between CSI and ER except with less focus on the relationships among the characters. I still plan on giving the series a chance to pick up speed before I make a definitive decision on it, but if I don't see any character development I might move on to something else. I hope to see more from Jeri Ryan's character Kate during the next few episodes and more emotion from Dr.Hunt.