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Cooking with Mastery by Real People, 6 December 2011

While, at first, it can be painful to watch the dynamic as Jacques and Julia establish their own place as a team, the food they make is gorgeous and inspiring as well as healthy.

The conspiracy against cholesterol and the cash cow for big pharma, insurance companies and medicine, the American, is disregarded, to our benefit here. Yay to our needed cholesterol (it is like the nails in the house). For more info, look up information on the Cholesterol Con.

We also need toxin free animal fat and meat in order to be healthy as demonstrated by our ancestors, modern aboriginals as well as healthy people in cities. Jacques and Julia point out the qualities fresh meat, seafood and veggies. Grassfed and organic had yet to register to them and you know about it already.

Additionally, too many carbs lifelong is demonstrated as the killer. Cardiovascular disease is seen in a large number of vegetarian Egyptian mummies and South American remains of their royalty, rather than grass fed fresh beef or butter. You know this in your bones as your mouth waters looking at this healing luxurious food cooked by Jacques and Julia.

About the show, Julia has been an established authority of cooking since the 1950s and it is likely required a tough and obnoxious personality to cope with the abuse showered upon her by professionals cooking in that male dominated era. Unfortunately, at times this personality trait makes her look like a crotchety old jerk to her partner. Jacques patiently and possibly painfully tries to appease her and eventually they get along. As the show progresses it seems that Julia appreciates the opportunity she has.

I do believe that Jacques is a better cook than her. Some of his creations are like art that makes you cry, and I am the last person to enjoy museums and art and crap like that. I could be biased in this comparison as he seemed to have been the long suffering underdog for much of the series.

Like a previous viewer pointed out they do use metal on what appears to be teflon. I think a titanium pan would work for this instead. Also, foil with wine poured on top of a cabbage dish made me exclaim inside about alzheimers. I wonder if parchment paper could substitute.

While this is not Martha Stewart, or any other cooking show with printouts, you can learn by observing like when people used to watch their family cook.

Healthy, classic, delicious & inspiring meals await one here...Enjoy!

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This Qualifies as One of The Worst Flicks, 24 November 2011

The story had potential for some fun with zombies. The script is something out of junior high school. Just because the writers or producers were relying on a teenage boy demographic, this is one of the worst zombie comedies. I like the lead character. What is up with the voice over? Is this Blade Runner? What is up with the over gratuitous tits and ass all the moment a chick enters the scene? How did this series get made in the first place and more importantly WHY? There is so much better fluff out there: Sean of the Dead, any Will Farrel flick, any good Eddy Murphy, heck RV with Robin Williams, dumbed down for the film executives with enough fun for the viewers!

Ip Man 2 (2010)
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Sickening yet Metaphorical?, 28 August 2011

This movie made me feel sick. I recommend sticking with the first.

While there was graphic violence in Ip Man part one, it had real meaning behind it. Here it was about racism, at least on the surface.

It was about an unfair advantage of a Western Boxer over an Asian Martial Arts Master. I can see how this type of thing may have been typical of the West as an Emperical power. I feel ill after watching this nonetheless.

My biggest question was could a dumb aggressive hateful boxer really be such a match for a Martial Arts Master? Finally, I wonder if the blatant hatred displayed by the Western opponents is a metaphor for what is currently going on in Communist China.

Additionally, I wonder if there is a hidden meaning in this. One unsavory character ends up sacrificing himself for a cause...for national pride? Then the main character only once mentions the Chinese Spirit. In Communist China, the Chinese Spirit officially is to be Communist above ancient religion. So what is really going on here? Is the blind hatred a screen for something deeper? Could the death of the Mafia boss be symbolizing the death of Communist China? Could the noble defeating of the evil boxer be that China will endure in the new world order and seeks to be a truly good member of the World? I would hope there is a deeper meaning for this. I could be making stuff up as well.

Depicts the sometimes fine line of homelessness, 26 April 2011

I have been scrambling all my life, and I know anything could happen in a month or so and it is beyond me how I would get out of that hole should I become seriously homeless. After the last time, the only work I could get was part time $8.50.

In the past I have lived in a tent while doing a work exchange for a camp site and food.

I have couch surfed with gracious friends off and on for years. I have even spent short stints at homeless shelters, where even the women's section was scary because some women would violate your space.

And since I have been sick I worry every month or so about becoming homeless again.

I wonder if what we need to be taught at an early age, in school, by our parents or by ourselves is how to manage money, how to negotiate raises at work and how to secure our independent financial well being with even our loved ones, rather than blindly trusting one's mate. It really is a dog eat dog world out there if you lack anyone watching your back.

Life can be tough. Fathers really can be selfish bastards. While that may be sexist, and I am aware there are evil mothers, the facts really do indicate the deliberate selfishness of men. Which is why I think women really need to be more careful who they have babies for....The notion that a man is more committed when he has children is clearly false. Why does the man do this? There ought to be a movie profiling the personality of the deadbeat dad: rich, with a new young wife, driving a fancy car, inviting his unsupported children to a brief trip to Hawaii? What a world.

Married people are a minority constantly under pressure by egotistic elements of society. Who is foolish enough to trust these days? Religious "republicans" can seem just as shady where the wife simply puts up with offensive behavior to save face.

Media paints these brainwashing pictures of marriage, children and happily ever after. Who is living this lie? Who do we really know? The reality is a relationship is not set in stone. Mothers and wives need to take this fact seriously and take responsibility for the long haul, which seems for many most likely to end up being by herself.