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Surprisingly Decent, 26 April 2011

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Some people might be wondering whether the events follow the book well.I have not read the book but I am told the movie did a decent job of following it. Some of the events were hard to believe. For example when the animals are released they wouldn't attack the crowd. They've been tamed for years and are used to people. The lion would most likely not stand and prowl menacingly over the crowd. This scene did accomplish its goal of creating a sense of chaos though.

Another concern could be if it is too much of a "chick flick." I went in expecting the movie to be a "chick flick." As soon as I saw Robert Pattinson from the Twilight series I was worried my fears were true. Yet, the movie surprised me and was actually quite good.

The characters were portrayed well. Christoph Waltz plays an excellent greedy, jealous husband. He does an excellent job of making you feel for him at times. You want to help him when he opens his heart to Robert Pattinson. You feel he really can't control his emotions. His rage seems fueled by his love of Marlena. As the story progresses you realize how cruel he is. Robert Pattinson portrays the handsome farm boy superbly. He provides the action for the gentlemen and the flair for the ladies. Water for Elephants pleases all audiences.