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the greatest of all natural, geographic & educative video about human survival on Earth, 28 April 2012

this is worth watching, its like, learning the ART of SURVIVAL, we humans are so much adaptive to any situation & environment i didn't know till i watched this series, awesome captures & shots, i salute the crew to take such risks of their lives to bring us these huge ocean of knowledge! the most amazing thing was, the isolated tribes, living in the deep forests, about whom we had very less knowledge, & i wonder how the crew members managed to shoot there & how they communicated with them, difficult task; & i really appreciate their shooting of a tribe which was unknown to the human society till date, they did the shot from an aeroplane, above the dense forest. the shots under the water, above the high mountains, in the planes, everything is so perfect, so brilliant, i just want to say, thanks for bringing these to us.