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The movies I remember seeing at some point.
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In no specific order. Ps, I won't list too many Romcoms on this list. I'll make a separate one for those.
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Not gonna list SW, HP or LOTR cause they're obvious ones.

Cry rating system:

1 - My eyes teared up a little
2 - There were some sniffles
3 - I cried at some point
4 - I cried more than once
5 - My heart is now broken and life will never be the same.

And yes there will be half points cause that's how my brain works.
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Feminism / Girl Power / Icke normativt
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I'm sick of all these lists of half-bad gay movies that i watch and just go "eh, really?". So here are some movies and tv shows that are really good! (Both gay and lesbian).
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A pretty mixed list of movies that touched me in different ways. Everything from romcoms to horror, in no special order.
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Don't watch them.