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Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad., 6 September 2014

Within seconds from when this film starts, you know you are in for a good ride. Cool characters, witty/corny dialog, explosions and most important of all...A POPCORN FLICK. I will start this film off with the bad notes, because, like everything I do, I always love to leave on a good note! Bad Notes: Putting Jet Li in the movie was completely pointless. He was only in it for 2 mins, he shoots a few bad guys right at the end and that's it. Jet Li is a talented fighter, and he should always be givin' the opportunity to get every fight scene he can get his hands on. Second of all, Kelsey Grammar (mostly famous for Frasier), didn't even have the time to shine. He is setting up Stallone with all these new people Stallone wants to hire for the job, and Grammar just does not get the chance to even hold a gun or even bash a few people. It would have been very interesting to watch! The story doesn't really go anywhere special. You see where this film is going and you can predict the next scene within 5 minutes before it happens. Wesley Snipes needed more screen time, he only punched a few people and that was it, MORE, MORE MORE! Now...Mel Gibson...such a disappointment. He was great as the villain...and he only is given' about 20 minutes of screen time and a 57 second fight with Sylvester Stallone right at the end. Come on, it's Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) VS Mel Gibson (Mad Max), it is the best idea for a fight scene within the last 5 years and they end it in just under a minute? COME ON! Now, the good notes: It's great to see the whole cast together again. And for such a huge cast, they did really well at trying their best to make sure everybody got some screen time. Antonio Banderas was hilarious as the annoying gunman/fighter. He will kill you just by listening to his annoying voice! Most of the humor came from him. We even get to see is cool gun and fighting skills in the final showdown, just brilliant! Harrison Ford even gets to come into the firepower with a helicopter with guns and missiles! Now, the biggest good note of this is Mel Gibson! He was the best choice to play Mr. Stone! he has the most spookiest/most evil face, it would be enough to scare anybody, anywhere! He is definitely been the best villain so far in The Expendables series so far! I doubt we will see a villain this good ever again! And finally, the newcomers of the team. They were all great, considering the fact, for some of them, it was their first movie role.

All in all, it is worth seeing, but there needed so much more work to be done! 6/10.

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An acceptable movie, but it needed a lot of work to be done., 20 July 2014

The last scene of "Jersey Boys" is a curtain call of sorts. Set to The Four Seasons' memorable ode to deflowering, "December, 1963," the scene explodes with bright, noisy colors and jubilant voices. It hops from character to character, visually name-checking the entire cast as they sing and dance. The camera-work, editing and lighting foster a genuine sense of excitement. In this finale, "Jersey Boys" feels like the Broadway musical upon which it is based, showcasing the energy and joy that continues to leap off the stage every night in venues from Las Vegas to London.

If only director Clint Eastwood had directed more scenes like this. He ensured his cast would be up to the task by importing several veterans from the stage. Three of the Four Seasons cast in "Jersey Boys" are from various incarnations of the show, including Tony-winner John Lloyd Young, whose Frankie Valli is vocally spot-on and a force to behold. Christopher Walken, no slouch to musicals, is also on hand, doing a bit of a soft-shoe in the aforementioned finale. His performance definitely is very worthy out of all the actors involved. Even "Boardwalk Empire" vet Vincent Piazza, as group member Tommy DeVito, holds his own with the more musically seasoned members of The Four Seasons.

The singing talent is there, but Eastwood and writers Marshall Brickman ("Annie Hall") and Rick Elise opt for a more realistic depiction of events. They transform "Jersey Boys" from jukebox musical to movie biopic, exchanging one much-maligned genre for another. In the process, the focus is shifted; the drama is played up and the music seems shoehorned in where convenient.

This imbalance is forgivable in scenes where the band deals with talent scout Joe Pesci (yes, that Joe Pesci, here in the guise of actor Joey Russo) or interact with one another. The problems arise in the mob-related material, which is seemingly endless. These plot elements are necessary to tell the full story, but the lazy way they are depicted stops the movie cold. We've already seen "GoodFellas," "Mean Streets" and any number of mob-related tales, so Eastwood's take on them feels lifeless. As the catalyst for most of these scenes, Piazza wrings his derivative character for all that he's worth. But Walken, as mob boss Gyp DeCarlo, is given little to do besides commit scene-stealing grand larceny in a weepy moment opposite Young's Valli.

"Jersey Boys" keeps the show's conceit of having each of the Four Seasons tell various aspects of the story. Tommy, Frankie, Nick Massi (Michael Lomenda) and Bob Gaudio (Erich Bergen) break the fourth wall at various points to talk to us directly. Since Tommy is both the band's heart and its downfall, he figures into everyone's narrative. Songwriter Gaudio becomes the band's primary songwriter because Tommy acted on a tip from Joe Pesci. Frankie sharpens and perfects his famous falsetto with Tommy's help. And Nick rooms with Tommy for 10 years and sees the worst sides of him.

Whether they're singing or fighting, "Jersey Boys" is at its best when it focuses on the band members' chemistry. The actors know their characters' voices well enough to effortlessly plow through as many Four Seasons songs as the original musical contains. They sound spectacular, and there's enough of each song to satiate fans and newbies alike. But Eastwood shoots so many of these numbers in a matter-of-fact, almost documentary style, static way that the two times he really cuts loose are the film's best moments. The second time is the curtain call finale; the first is Young's hauntingly emotional rendering of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." If you know the song, you'll know what the big mid-number reveal is. Eastwood presents it with stunning gusto, and the reaction Valli gets at the end is as close to a stand-up-and-cheer moment as "Jersey Boys" gets.

Though no longer playing to the back of the house, Young, Bergen and Lomenda still have a tendency to go big in front of the camera. It's most noticeable opposite Piazza's Tommy, who despite his stereotype-ridden role gives the best performance in "Jersey Boys." Yet the vocal talent trumps any minor performance issues incurred. The filmmakers made the right decisions for the leads. This movie will sell many soundtracks.

The elephant in the room is Eastwood himself. He is the wrong director for this material, and this opinion comes from someone who loved "Million Dollar Baby," "Space Cowboys" and even those orangutan movies. He is the wrong choice, but not for the reason you think. Eastwood is adept at handling music in films, from "Bird" to his country music homage to Garbo's "Camille," "Honkytonk Man" (which I also like without shame). But, for once, I have to agree with those who say his style is too laid back. A movie as grungy, profane and blue-collar as "Jersey Boys" needs to feel more alive. When the music's not playing, "Jersey Boys" starts to lull you into mild lethargy. I wonder what fellow Jersey Boy Brian De Palma could have done with this.

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A modern art in the history of cinema., 20 July 2014

I loved the film the moment it started. It instantly gives you the whole gist of the movie the second it starts. Apes against the humans and humans against the apes etc. it starts off with how the apes have been surviving up in the woods all these years. How they eat, hunt, how they are slowly starting to learn English and how they have developed their own way of speaking. It impressive, to say the least. You feel like these apes are real apes, and you feel for them every step of the way.

It has been years since the humans have made any sort of contact with the apes and coming and touring their home. Caesar (played again by Andy Serkis) has started in his own family. His son and his new baby (which is just breathtaking to see the new baby being born) and all the apes have their own families and been working dang hard at surviving. One day, however, humans come along (lead by Aussie actor Jason Clarke) and they need to get into the mines to generate power into the city, for in the city they are losing power and need to get some power ASAP. Unfortunately it does not make it easy considering the fact that the mines are right where the apes have been living all this time. There is conflict between the apes and humans, but they start to begin to trust each other. Except one particular ape named Koba (played by Toby Kebbell) has hated humans from day one. He does not trust them. Koba had been tortured and almost skinned alive by the humans until Caesar freed him. Koba makes travels nonstop to the city and notices all the humans are keeping heavy armed guns and the main person in charge named Dreyfus (played by Gary Oldman) is not at all worried for killing all the apes if he has to. Trust begins to crumble and relationships are getting worse. The slowness of the battle begins to take its course.

All in all, it was a fantastic flick and I would watch it again and again, and I hope it goes down in the history of Cinema as been the best film of 2014. Great effects, beautiful shots, fantastic acting (espeicially played by Andy Serkis and Toby Kebbell. My only complaint is the human characters ever get a chance to show their side of the story. They had so much emotional stuff to tell, but in the end, it never went deep enough. The main focus was on the apes (maybe not a bad thing) and I think this film should have developed more on the humans. But, excluding that, this film is just breathtaking. An excellent example of what can happen to you when you love, hate and trust somebody. I highly recommend it. 9/10.

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Mick Taylor is right up there with Hannibal Lector., 30 June 2014

While I loved the first film, I love this one even more. The thing is, you can't compare this one to the first one, due to the fact that they are both so different. The first one had a really slow pace they was leading up to something so great that the whole film worked. This one is action and gore packed from the very beginning. From the moment this one starts you now you are in for a huge roller coaster ride. And the movie does not disappoint in that sense.

The acting was great (obviously the main star being John Jarratt) and we have the German Backpackers and British tourist Paul Hammersmith, played by Ryan Corr. The whole film gives you the feeling that you will never escape from Mick Taylor no matter how hard you try. And a reference to Steven Spielberg's "Duel" car chase that should go down as one of the best car chase scenes in history. Mick Taylor has many memorable and hilarious lines, and some very creepy and thrilling lines as well. The Citizen Test scene will have people thinking about it all night and maybe even all month! I loved it, a great ride from start to finish. 10/10

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Better than the last two, but does not beat the first one., 30 June 2014

Within the first few minutes we are thrown into the action we all know and love. There is quite a lot of character development between all of the characters. While taking its time to introduce the characters such as Mark Wahlberg and his daughter, it does not take long until we come face to face with The Transformers we all love and have awaited for.

The acting is good (especially from Wahlberg), and I was pleasantly surprised with how good Kelsey Grammar is at changing his voice and giving us an evil accent and convincing accent. He ain't no Side Show Bob, let me tell you! Stanley Tucci even had his moments of excellent acting in this action packed movie.

The CGI has improved a lot since the "Dark Moon" and has brought us a new, interesting form of technology. All the new Transformers have all been upgraded to the brand new form of technology. The action scenes are always a blast to watch. Never disappointing in that sense.

But, in all seriousness, I do prefer Mark over Shia (little brat), and I think Mark Wahlberg has proved he can play in almost anything. Nicola Peltz, well, she had me at hello from the moment she showed up on screen. Her legs and her beautiful face in 3-D just wanted me to be with her! Way better than "Dark Moon' and "Revenge of The Fallen." I highly recommend it. But, again, it could have givin' us much more, because by the end, you think "oh, come on, please, a little bit more." 7'10.

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So predictable, with bad (electricity) effects, but had some good scenes., 19 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We start off with the scene we all know and love, Spider-Man fighting criminals. It does not take long for the action to start. Problem for me is, it just did not appeal to me. Surprisingly a good cameo as Paul Giamitti as the first main criminal.

As far as character development goes, it did quite well. Parker and harry Osbourne met for the first time in years. They become quite close and start developing the friendship once more. Little does Parker know that Harry is dying from his Father's DNA an he needs Spider-Man's blood in order to survive. Parker/Spider-Man refuses to do so, as it might have a bad effect. So Harry has other ways of getting to stay alive. I will let you figure out where it goes from there.

We have Jamie Foxx playing Electro. Jamie Foxx, I must admit, did not do a bad job at playing Electro/Max. However, he did not do the best. His electricity effects were so fake, it looked photo shopped. The fight scenes were okay. But, for those wandering about the green Goblin. He was only in it for about 4 and a half minutes with a 3 minute fight scene. Yes, I timed it! The death of Gwen (Emma Stone) was really unexpected, but necessary. It was a very emotional moment.

Overall, I give this movie a 5/10. Way better than the first one, but could have been so much more!

The Raid 2 (2014)
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I will never see a fight scene in a movie the same or any better than this!, 7 April 2014

I saw the first Raid, and while I thought the first one was good, with great editing, acting, gore etc, the second one went beyond my expectations.

It starts off with the hero who is hired to bring down the biggest gangster/mafia man in the country...sadly, it will not be that easy. His family is in danger and the whole country is in danger if these gangsters are not stopped soon enough. So, what does the hero do? He goes into prison, pretending to be the bad guy, punching and injuring over a hundred prisoners and guards, trying to earn the gangster's trust. After 2 years in prison, he is released and taken straight to the gang man himself. He wants in, and the gang lord simply lets him join the team. However, with some Japanese gangsters on the loose, and wanting more power, it makes it harder for our hero. With villains like "Base ball Bat man" and "Hammer Girl", it is going to be a very tough match. Can the hero get through the biggest gang war in his whole life? The editing, the acting, the fighting, the car chase scenes, the action is beyond breathtaking and I have never in my life been so breath taken by something like this before. Screw the Die Hard franchise, this will take anyone's breath away, and if it doesn't, then they are liars.

I recommend this to everybody, but possibly not little kids. Forget the kids for one night and prepare to have your breath taken away. The most underrated film on IMDb in my opinion. It deserves way more recognition. I give this action film a 10/10.

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Everything I wanted in a Chucky all in this movie., 31 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have always been a fan of Chucky. I loved all of the Child's Play series. The weakest one for me was Seed Of Chucky, but it wasn't terrible.

Here we have Chucky's whole family introduced. Not only do we have his family introduced, but we have more of his past revealed as well. All the Chucky movies have all been so different and Unique in their own way. It's different because in "Curse Of Chucky" Chucky kills people in so many bizarre, different ways than what he did in all the other ones. And he didn't speak much, which, in my opinion gave it a bit more of a thrill. And we get to see Chucky run around from head to toe, which was never done in any of the other ones. And the fact that everybody from all the other films have been included in this movie.

This Chucky movie is definitely my Best Chucky movie since number 1. I doubt any other future Chucky movies will get better than this. I'm giving this a 10/10! Chucky's Baxk and he's ready to play! By the way, watch until after the credits, Chucky comes face to face with an old friend.

The Heat (2013/I)
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Okay, just need to take a step back and think about what you are saying., 20 October 2013

I remember when I saw reviews when "The Heat" first came out, everybody, and I mean everybody was bashing this movie. Saying it was worthless, stupid, vulgar, pointless etc. It even got to the stage where people were getting so offensive and making death threats to the film makers. Seriously, all of you, i'm here to tell you, BACK THE HELL OFF! And, for those people out there, who are really smart, do not believe what you have been told. This movie is truly great in so many different ways.

It is, indeed, the stereotypical buddy-cop type movie. But, if you can exclude that cliché, it is actually, extremely well thought out and well put together.

We start off with a professional, smart agent named Detective Ashburn (Sandra Bullock). She has everything you could have. She's smart, intelligent, polite, so committed to her job that it makes other officers look bad. Yet, somehow, has relationship troubles, does not have any friends, and just works, works, works until she can sleep.

Now, we have Officer Mullins (Melissa McCarthy . She is the complete opposite of Ashburn. Mullins is vulgar, crude, rough, tough, mean and says the f word almost in every sentence, and is not afraid to shoot your dick off or throw watermelons at you! Both of them are fighting over a serious case over a serial killer named Larkin. Larkin means business, this man kills families, and is not afraid to kill anyone who gets in his way of either drugs or murder.

The humor is a combination of everything. There is a lot of witty humor, and at the same time, loads of vulgar humor. I loved the chemistry between Mullins and Ashburn as well. I like how we watch them slowly have a connection with each other and start talking about each others lives and how they start forming a friendship they have never had before.

In my opinion, hilarious, lots of action, lots chemistry and loads of fun. Don't know where everyone else went wrong! 10/10

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You will laugh at least twice..and that's a fact., 24 April 2013

I thought all the references all came together quite nicely. However, it is not all that funny. I don't recall even laughing at all during the Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen scenes. It just had nothing to offer. And it went nowhere. There were scenes, however that were funny. i enjoyed Snoop Dogg's short performance. He was actually quite funny. I also thought the Nanny in the Paranormal Activity reference was hilarious.

There were plenty of scenes I found funny, but some of them were just so stupid and just so bland that it wasn't funny. I hated the Black Swans references. They just weren't funny at all. It had nothing intelligent to say. It's like a 5 year old just told them what to do.

But there are funny scenes in it, just needed so much more. 4/10

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